Friday, 17 June 2011

The post with no name.

I cleared away the cobwebs and found my blog. It had curled up and was hibernating in a shoe box in straw. Wake up!

No! You've got nothing to say. Leave me alone until August.

Nothing to say? How very date you. It's a massive day. It's fixture day which means after weeks and weeks of nothing we finally have some concrete Arsenal news. We have something to say. Not much but something.

So, like people waiting for important news we crowded around out electronic devices to find out our opening (& birthday) game. Newcastle and Bolton thanks for asking. So August sees The Geordies, Liverpool & Man U in the league and a massive two goes at qualifying for the £££££ league proper bit. August will now be known as 'a shit of a month' in our house and it should be in your's too.

Anyway, an early crack at the bigger boys might not be such a bad thing. In August we surely can't be hit by injuries (Diaby aside) and they can't be tired. By the end of August we will have a good idea of how good we are.

The other end of the season sees the famous 'easy' run in and we know how that ends don't we? I'd rather play Man U, Chavscum (North & South), Twatingham, Barcelona, Brazil & the Harlem Globetrotters than have an 'easy' end to the season.

The ins and outs have been uninteresting so far. We've signed another teen. A great prospect but not the defender we desperately need. We've been linked with everyone. Defoe? (Defoe!!) Bramble? (my favourite story ever! Bramble!!!) Samba? (he's in London!!!) Cahill? Ricky Gervais? Honda? John? Paul? George? Ringo? But so far nothing. They need to time it right or Twitter may just melt.

In other summer news Nasri is doing a Rooney and some of us are going off him a bit. Cesc is saying all the right things to cover himself if he goes or stays. I've paid for our season tickets and my son is doing football training, as I write, proudly sporting his new kit. We will be eating Internet bought second hand mince for months.

The quadruple is still on.

Right blog, get back in your box.

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