Sunday, 14 July 2013

Back (Where we belong)

I hang on to see England go one up in the Ashes before rushing out the house with youngest daughter excited pulling on the car door. We are off to her best friends birthday party which is why Arsenal's first action of the season was followed by texts from the lovely Mrs while I sat outside a hair & beauty parlour by the A41.

Ashes & football shouldn't mix. It's all a bit too early but I guess it is purely a money generating jaunt. Despite this it's televised and followed by us all across the world. My son's lack of enthusiasm was due to that special disease that our club can't seem to shake off - Lackofsigningsitus. The one chap we did win at the fair was off winning something so it was left to the old faces to wallop the first opposition 7-0.

See this as a short run out in the sun, a bit of blog per-season. The blog petered out last season just as the team decided to wake up. I've made no new signings but I'm raring to go!

It's July. It's 32 degrees in this lay by & football is back. Cricket and tennis are all well and good but we all feel a little bit more normal today.

Up The Arsenal.

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