Sunday, 20 March 2011

Almunia Will Probably Drop Our Game In Hand

West Brom
Man Utd
Man City
Newcastle (again)
Sunderland (again)
West Brom (again)

That little list up there is a little list of all the teams we have dropped points to this season. You can read into that what you will but with the odd exception it's a poor list. The last 3 entries depress me the most. Basically we haven't been able to beat Newcastle, Sunderland or West Brom all season. Best squad ever?

Maybe I should've left this blog. I'm not in the mood (just a mood.) Let me state clearly how I feel. We will not win the league this season. Feel free to disagree. Feel free to wear the positive trousers and I would love you to be right but my gut feeling is we are more likely to finish 3rd or 4th than we are 2nd or 1st.

The FA Cup defeat left me utterly deflated. Man U were there for the taking and we limped out without excitement. We may well have had more shots at old scumford than any known team before us but we got nil and they got two. With that still weighing me down I wasn't looking forward to WBA away. I went with my son to Chesham to see Cambridge City. A top of the table clash to take my mind off The Arsenal. I thought I'd try and ignore the phone for half an hour. Let The Arsenal get ahead and all would be will. 3:02pm and the phone buzzes. I'd forgotten about the Sportacular alerts. Come on Bolton! Please be Bolton!

WBA 1 Arsenal 0
It's 2 bloody minutes past 3!

The Chesham v Cambridge game was awful. City were a goal down to an own goal. The Arsenal were a goal down due to the fact that corners still surprise the team. They seem to think that if they all stand still it might somehow go away. It's happened all season. It happened at Wembley. It happened yesterday. Will they never bloody learn. We may well win the league if we don't conceed another corner.

As Cambridge played worse and worse I seemed to be checking Twitter more and more until a deluge of swearing greeted WBA's second. GET BACK IN YOUR GOAL ALMUNIA was the cleanest and told me everything. I couldn't bring myself to watch that goal until this morning and that's only because Sky Sports News were laughing about it as I went into our living room. I've seen it once. I tweeted that Almunia and Squillaci looked like an elderly couple lost in a massive shopping centre car park. Some told me that was unfair on Squillaci but surely he need to be stronger there. Old git mode - Tony Adams would've cleared that! He seemed to turn like a battleship as Almunia charged out like a child out of an open door when the rain had stopped. It was Almunia's fault. He's hopeless. We may just win the league if no team lumps a ball forward tempting Almunia to lumber out to it like Katie Price to publicity.

So yet again injuries have done us. We showed character to get a draw? Maybe but where was that character in the first 70 minutes. Another set piece and goalkeepeing cock up. We are going over old ground here. I've been lucky enough to see championships won and they are won by special teams. There's not much special outside our first 11.

Old ground.


Welcome Interlull, for the first time ever, I'm glad to see you.

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  1. I'm looking forward to Mad Jens kicking Almunia's head in, taking back the No.1 shirt and us having a solid keeper for the rest of the season...