Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What shall we talk about?

I've started this blog four times now trying desperately hard to find an angle without launching headlong into "HENRRRYY" but I can't. Last night was about one thing and one thing only - The return of one of, if not THE, greatest Arsenal player of all time. When he left us we worried we would never see his like again. Well we did and it could only be the man himself.

The opening 60 odd minutes were the usual all over a team without a meaningful shot as RVP wasn't there. The first half petered out at 0-0 and half time talk was of THE MAN. We predicted only 25 minutes more of this huffing & puffing until Mr W let T save the day. The noise created just by TH12 warming up could be confused by those navigating the damp toilet floors as a goal. Indeed we could've scored while the subs warmed up and nobody would've noticed. We only had eyes for an old love.

The moment arrived. Henry and Walcott waited, man and boy. And it happened. Men, women and children stood and applauded. Goosebumps and a little bit giddy. The only acceptable other love you can have while standing next to your wife as she was having it too!

He ran around. He was offside. He was commanding. He was enormous. He was back. Then it happened. Ten minutes and he found that position. Song's sublime ball was controlled only once before the inside of the foot caressed the ball across the keeper into the far corner. HENRY! 1-0! Thank you and goodnight.

Football is many things. It's the world's greatest soap opera. It's cruel. It's magnificent but rarely is it as perfect as last night. Mr TH loves it when a plan comes together. The only downside of last night was how Thierry's quality just highlighted how average RVP's help are. There was no one in the stadium that could score for us apart from TH. His winner might have been written in the stars but the reality is, at 34 and winding down his career in America, he is still better, RVP aside, than any other 'striker' at the club. The Leeds fans chanted, "You're so shit you need Henry" and I thought fair enough (The child next to me responded with, "He's 34 and you let him score!" That's my boy!) We'd seen what the others could muster and it wasn't great. Henry popped on to show them how it's done. My goodness we need some more quality for when TH goes away again. But as Mrs Feverpitch keeps reminding me, enjoy the moment, stop the moaning about the inadequacies of the others. Thierry will be gone before we know it. We must cherish him while we can.

So I'll try! In the name of Henry I'll try. Watching that goal over and over again will be a start. Watching him celebrate. Seeing his reaction at the final whistle. Images uniting us all reminding us why we love this magnificent old club. Arsenal do things the right way. That wasn't just right it was utterly perfect. - Posted using BlogPress from a very happy iTelephone.

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