Monday, 18 June 2012

Permanent Fixture

Big day today. People unlike us won't understand but limbo is over. We have our structure back. We know where we will be or how we will staying in touch in the near future. We've found the games when we will be on holiday (Sunderland H) and our birthday game (Man City A - Thanks for that!) We know what we will be doing on Boxing day (West Ham H) and when we play them (Nov 17th & Mar 2nd.) This is all until Sky have had their wicked way.

Until we return to our love we have the Euros to keep us going. I'm an England fan purely due to where I was born. Indeed I think that might be the rule. I've searched for Spanish ancestors but they are just not there. I'm stuck with my lions. The nobel Englishmen (not you Terry) of this green and pleasant land.

It seems to be going ok. It started with the FA surprising everyone by making the right decision on the manager. Them up the road obviously hoped the FA would fall for it and relieve them of their spiv. They didn't. Thank goodness.
England started well. Roy has them organised and against a better team they got a good 1-1. It was like watching The Arsenal but supporting the other team. We were West Brom. We know lesser teams can take points off us and that's what England did. A good point with Chamberlain starting and doing us proud.

Sweden next and at 2-1 down I tweeted 'next season when we are moaning about Arsenal remember what it's like supporting England.' Many agreed until we were betrayed by Theo. He came on and won it for us. Despite risking a ban and a fine from Arsene, Theo had a crack from outside the box. Look what happens! The Swedish keeper suddenly became the grandmother's footsteps champion by standing totally still when everyone looked at him and it flew in as we flew off our seats to a chorus of THEOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Before we could say "from outside the box" he'd burst through again to cross for Welbeck's amazing/lucky back heel and England were sitting on a splendid 4 points. Nothing can go wrong now! Well, we know they could royally cock up against Ukraine but I hope they don't. I know the majority of the squad are wankers, average or average wankers but they are our average wankers. Things are just a little bit more fun when your team is involved.

The other joy of an international tournament is the sheer volume of football. Tomorrow will be our twelve consecutive night of live football. Magnificent.
So tomorrow we'll wake up knowing we've a big night ahead. It won't give us the pleasure of an Arsenal victory but it won't hurt as much if we lose. We should make the most of that because today we received our emotional 9 month timetable. I, for one, can't wait.

Up The Gunners. Come on England.

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