Monday, 1 October 2012

Damn, Blast & A Swear Word of your Choice.

That was always going to happen eventually. Every team loses. It's part of the 'fun!' However we all started to do that thing football fans do. We started to believe. The woeful Sunderland result was forgotten. We'd won at Anfield! We'd wolloped Southampton. We'd drawn at tricky Stoke. We should've beaten the newly bought champions. Talk of balance in the team began. 'You know, we look better without him" was uttered. Blimey, I even let things slip and said with a lot of luck, a good run and the other team's frailty coming to the fore we could win this damn thing! (The 3 things that saw us finish 3rd & 19 points adrift last season!) Behave!

All the little signs were glossed over. Clean sheets and 6 goals at home hid the awfulness of the goals conceded. It's ok. That was a Szczesny error. That was zonal marking that was! No, they were errors. Damn Gervinho's heavy touch. Damn Giroud's shooting. Considering the opposition we are doing OK?

Please excuse the opening tone but it really was a Saturday to forget. Basically I watched The Arsenal slump to an uninspiring Chav side, sat in traffic & watched Cambridge City go down 4-1 at Enfield. The icing on the cake was listening to the spuds win on the way home. All in all that was a shit footballing Saturday.

12.45 kick offs are not easy for the family. The previous evening I was taken, as a birthday treat, to see Nik Kershaw by @eastlower. A cracking night out but by the time I was in bed there was only 11 hours to kick off and we had to fit sleep, swimming lessons & ferrying kids around in that time. I was confident though. I really fancied us to win. Wouldn't it be good? indeed it would! However, by the time the ref blew his whistle the team seemed to mirror my levels of energy.

Just before they scored I sighed to myself in recognition that they looked a little better than us. No matter. We are at home. We will liven up. Free kick swung in. Koschely rudely staring at Vito's Roman nose while Torres wrapped his leg lovingly around our defender to volley an opener. Seconds before the ball flew in we looked like teenagers hanging around a shopping centre. Captain Thomas screaming and pointing. Nobody moved. Awful.

We came back strongly. There you are Arsenal. As half time approached Gervinho surprised us all by continuing his scoring with a cracking shot. Looked like poor defending too but that's by them and I don't give a whatnot about them. All square & the game can start again.

Now I hate the Chavs more than any club (yes more than that lot up the road!) I come from a mixed family who were united in their hated of that vile mid-table shower who thought they were better than they were. They made it easier to dislike them with their new owner, collection of horrible players, shit little ground they can't fill with their charming fans......and breath..... Anyway, we just must not lose.

Oh! That looks like it's gone straight in. Take it again. We clearly weren't ready. We were ready? Hmmmm. Staggering. That's two goals gifted to the scum. TWO! Steve Bould looks like he wants to kill something.

Great ball from Ox. Giroud, he's gone round the keeper. Off the seat! GIROUD! Instant hero ..... MISSED! He's MISSED! Arsene on his knees. That was an open goal wasn't it? From where I'm sitting we've just missed an open goal. A good looking Chamakh? I hope not.

So we were slapped about the parts with a rolled up reality check. Maybe dropping the BFG was a mistake but if he'd been left on his arse for a goal we would've been crying for whoever was on the bench to play. The bottom line is we weren't very good. But a couple of days later it doesn't seem so bad. These things happen. We need to make sure they don't happen too often. Worries remain over the keepers. Szczesny is a good keeper backed up by the average & I'm not sure that's good enough. The lack of an out and out striker could catch up with us too. We will see.

But today Jack is back. Things never stay bad for long.

Up the Gunners.

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