Thursday, 16 February 2017

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Arsene's Door

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Instead it gets another blog about The Arsenal. I'm going to keep this brief. The perfect bog read length.

We are not in a total mess. We are not getting relegated or going bust. We aren't ground sharing miles from home. We are doing OK. However, when you dress yourself up as a big club you have to back that up. The Arsenal look like one of the biggest clubs in the world. The ground, the training facilities, the squad, the ticket prices. Everything is there apart from what actually happens on the pitch.

The biggest problem we have is the people above AW don't care about that. We have an owner who couldn't find the ground if he was dropped right outside it. As long as the money rolls in he won't even glance in our direction. But our biggest problem is we have nobody knocking on AW's door after pathetic performances to tell him that wasn't good enough. As much as I hate that man at Chelsea he'd be kicking the door down. That's why it's left to the fans to look like prats on ArsenalTV or to make banners as we have no one asking those questions behind the scenes.

There are no consequences for failure at The Arsenal. The players never get dropped, the manager never gets questioned. Failure? It's all relative but I f you dress yourself up like Arsenal do then 13 years without having a good crack at the League should be called failure. The Champions League has given Arsenal a good excuse to label anywhere in the top 4 success. I genuinely think the club doesn't see the league as worth winning. First, fourth, Whatever, the prize is the same.

Anyway, last night was truly pathetic but no more than lots of the absolute crap we've seen all season. I've witnessed people arguing about what's been our worst performance this year!

There is no appetite for change within the club so we will have to just get on with it. We aren't important to the club. It's clear AW will go when he's ready. And when he does go we've got a clueless bunch of clowns picking his replacement.

Now take that big club dress off and get to work.

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