Friday, 14 May 2010

'arry and the dust cloud.

So that’s that then. Another season done and dusted although the only thing dusted were Sp*ds passports after many years in the drawer. I’d like to congratulate Sp*ds on winning the Champions League, World Cup, Boat race, Grand National and Britain’s got Talent .......... Sorry? What? They’ve won nothing? I assumed they’d had a massive win what with all those people walking around North London with a Cock & Ball on their shirts.

And there you have it. We finish 3rd and are a bit upset. They finish 4th and win manager of the year. I feel we have finished where we deserve to be. We are not as good as the two above us but we are better than everyone else. Third is our rightful place but not by much. With a fit Van Persie and a goalkeeper worthy of the name we’d be right in the mix. We all know where we need additions and it sounds like, for the first time since our move, Arsene has the funds.

Last season was a disappointment but it’s a measure of our aspirations and it’s our manager that has raised them. He’s a victim of his own success. The Unbeatables were the pinnacle. How do we reach such heights? Arsene is trying and I appreciate that. How do we compete with these classless, historyless midtable clubs who are pumped full of money and buy trophies? We move to a big stadium, we follow a strict business plan to deal with the debt that move brings, we play decent football and we keep the fans happy. Unfortunately to achieve the latter we need a trophy soon.

However, what is success? When i started watching The Arsenal any trophy led to an open top bus tour but football has changed. Would we be happier with an FA Cup win and a fifth place finish? A season without Champions league! Imagine that! It’s all about the money. It’s all about the Champion’s league. That’s the clubs view (see how Spu*s reacted to finishing 4th and winning nothing.) If we as fans had the clubs views of success we might not feel quite so deflated by our success.

(Fantastic video on YouTube that sums up our season. It's been superbly put together. Great work.

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