Sunday, 2 May 2010


What do you do with yourself if you have no interest in football? There are people like this all around us. Ive seen them myself. They don’t organise their year around the fixture list. They don’t sit at the back at weddings listening to the radio or checking their phone every minute. They don’t do 100-500 mile round trips to stand or sit in the cold to, maybe, see no goals. They have nothing to say to strangers!

Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to have a brief insight into this hollow world. Arsenal have two post season friendlies to see out and one of them is deemed important enough to televise last thing on a bank holiday weekend. No Arsenal interest yesterday. Usually I have a fall back with watching or following Cambridge City while I wait for The Arsenal but their season finished last week. There was nothing to get excited about. It was a horrible look into the summer abyss!

It was this nightmare vision that led me to Twitter yesterday. It started with the man from EastLower complaining about boredom and yearning for the new fixtures but worried about the 900,000 column inches of 'Cesc to Barca' rumours that will come before. It struck me that we should start our own rumours and who better to annoy than Barca themselves. If all the twitter Gooners ended every tweet with #MessiToArsenal it would make a point that we are sick of Barca looking down on us and unsettling any player they please. It will, of course, achieve nothing but it was great fun.

Messi has Arsenal in his blood. Well he has red blood doesn’t he? #MessiToArsenal

Silvestre dreams of Barca move. Swap deal on cards. #MessiToArsenal

Barca chairman says Arsenal don’t need Messi and he wouldn’t get in team anyway. Messi Upset. #MessiToArsenal

You get the idea. It soon transformed into having a pop at everyone else.

Messi dreams of linking up with Almunia. #MessiToScunthorpe

Messi wants to be known as a massive C**t. #Messi ToSp*rs

Messi doesn’t like big crowds. #MessiToChavscum

Great fun and it kept many of us amused for a day in footballing no man’s land. The game tomorrow means nothing! We still need a point to get 3rd but the excitement has gone. We are like people who live without football.
But we’re not are we?
Tomorrow we will mould our day around that 5pm kick off. We will be next to the pitch, a TV, radio, internet stream or mobile phone wherever we are in the world. We will shout at goalkeeping errors. We will cheer our goals. We will celebrate St Totts day like a cup win. A nothing game? Only someone with no interest in football would say that. And remember if you read it enough it must be true ..... #MessiToArsenal

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