Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Knob in Cement.

Well I suppose all games can't be sharing 8 goals (where you get 5) with a detestable rival as their vile captain falls on his face. So much excitement followed by a more wet than damp squib. It was a game we should've won but never really got going. This will be hard and brief (as all good evenings should be) as nothing really happened. As we walked home my son & I tried to think of incidents. We struggled. Szczesny's buggering about in the box was all we could remember.

If I never see Marseille again it will be too soon. 3 hours of my life has passed watching us huff and puff against them and it's not been fun. If the first game was like watching cement dry this was like drawing a cock & balls in the cement as it dries. Briefly amusing but ultimately forgettable.

Yet we have 4 points from these two festivals of bore. The results are good. 4 points from Marseille is excellent. We top the group. I'm not moaning just saying both games, Ramsey's goal aside, were highlightless. My worry is that from a position of qualifying last night the group has tightened up. We have messed this up in the past, finished second and been beaten by bigger boys in the last 16. Last night was a great chance to kick on and we just sat there.

There were Arsene's famous positives. Vermaelen was back. Thank goodness. He and Kos will give that back four some command and pace. There is debate as to whether Mertesacker should be first choice due to his height. I'd have him on the bench due to his pace. I thought Park looked OK. He certainly looked busier than Chamakh has been of late. He ran out of steam but has 'potential!' Less positive was Santos who is yet another left back playing in a very very free role. Defending is so 2004.

It's often said you are only as good as your last game so I'm ignoring last night. Excuse me while I rewind Terry's trip again.

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