Sunday, 6 November 2011

No Fireworks, Just Sparklers.

Well that's more like it. A routine win against poor opposition with no heart in the mouth moments. It may not have had us on the edge of our seats but it was a great victory because this is just the kind of game we have messed up so easily in the past.

We started brightly especially down our right. Somebody has shouted at Theo as he has really livened up. Maybe he's seen The OC in training and had a panic. His crossing is still 'unlucky' but he looks fired up. This new determined T led to our opener as he softened up the keeper for that goal hanger of ours to tap in. That's 402 goals in 12 games now for RVP. The big show off!

I tweeted that it was so nice to see the old Arsenal back in our ground. Crisp quick passing, solid defending and no stupidly daft errors. Gooners agreed but I was put in my place by one non believer who calmly pointed out we were playing West Brom not Real Madrid. A fair point but West Brom are exactly the type of dreadful team our complacency would hand a victory to. Indeed it did not so long ago. This may not be as sweet as putting a racist in his place but in many ways more important. We've never had a problem with getting up for playing our equals. It's the tired looking, mid table lot we fans fear. We've seen so many horrors at the hands of the hopeless and yesterday felt like a milestone.

We went in 2 up at half time as TV announced his return with a finish unbecoming of a central defender. It was a crowd pleaser from a favourite. He slotted in nicely next to Kos to form many people's dream team pairing. Maybe harsh on Mertesacker as you don't get that many caps for Germany and be no good. He has brought a lot to the team. He maybe slower than an FA investigation but he's played every game since he signed and needed a rest. He's a quality defender and somehow we now have 3 to choose from. A nice defensive problem for a change. Verm & Kos had nothing to do as WBA refused to try but they did nothing efficiently. Last season we would've conceded during this nothingness.

West Brom came out and attacked a bit in the second half but didn't enjoy it so stopped quite quickly. Arteta then made it 3 without messing up a hair on his head after a sweeping move and a beautifully placed shot. 3-0 and nothing can go wrong now? Well, for a change, it didn't but the scars of the past run deep. 4 minutes left and West Brom had their first shot on target. I was pleased for their fans. It was an easy catch for Szeeeezer. We ironically cheered. 3 minutes left. 30,000 Gooners left. West Brom can't get 3 in 3 minutes can they? Of course not but those irrational thoughts can only enter an Arsenal fan's head. Maybe that's why so many leave early. Avoid the late collapse. It didn't happen. West Brom had a weak header on target. That's two now. Book the open top bus Roy. The ref ended it and we stood, clapped, cheered & awkwardly swayed to 'Moving On Up' relieved we had beaten, with ease, one of those teams we should beat with ease.

Was that The Arsenal? The proper Arsenal? Yes! I believe it was. Welcome back lads, welcome back.

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