Sunday, 25 April 2010

Disappointed of Islington

Disappointed. We hear that word a lot as football fans. It covers all bases. When we lost to Barcelona in Paris in 2006 we were disappointed. When we lost to Messi this season it was a disappointing performance. Ryan Shawcross was disappointed by his assault on Ramsey. Their manager was disappointed by Arsene's comments! 'Disappoint' is not a word we fans use. We prefer gutted, annoyed, shocked....However we say it disappointment seems to be the main course for us fans more often than not.

My week was disappointing. It started with The Arsenal disappointing me at Wigan. That defeat left me gutted, shocked, annoyed..... So my attention turned to my mistress Cambridge City. Light relief from The Wife in red and white. City are in the Zameretto Premier League (two below the conference) with average attendances of just over 200. They are run and owned by the fans and have to leave their ground at the end of next season and play their home games 15 miles outside the city. They are skint. They have a squad of 16. They have an excellent manager and a hardcore of passionate fans. My dad took me there at an early age and it was the football team we shared. When I watch City I feel close to him and follow them in his memory.

Cambridge City had 3 games left in 6 days. They were in a great position to reach the play offs. Tuesday - Lost to Chippenham. Thursday - Beat Hemel Hempstead (a great away trip with my son.) Saturday - Last home game of the season vs Hednesford. Winner takes all. Winner gets a play off place. City lose 3-0. Gutted. Disappointed.

Dash back to London for the Man City game. Lee Dixon on the radio says at half time he doesn't want to return for the second half. He was disappointed with Arsenal's performance but more so with man city. All that money spent and they were told by their floppy haired, odd scarf wearing, more glamorous than Hughes but not really any better, manager to make no attempt to beat a very beatable Arsenal. MOTD highlights were about 45 seconds long and that included laughing at Greedybayor who had come dressed as Shirley Temple. 60,000 people in the ground and 10's of others watching ESPN were left disappointed. I hope Chavscum (North) miss out on the Champions League by a point. That'll teach 'em to be scared of flapianski and Mickey Silver.

I hope Sp*rs get 4th! There, I said it & I will tell you why. All summer they will be releasing DVDs and telling everyone who will listen that they have made it. They are finally a big club. Then they will lose to Trumpton and Chigley Town in the qualifiers and then we can have a massive laugh. If they do squeeze past the Women's Guild in the qualifiers they will be royally rogered by one and all in the groups. The group stages are full of whipping boys. Step forward Sp*ds!

So Cambridge City have shut up shop until August. Arsenal can't wait to go on holiday. It's end of term. Let's all bring board (Bored?) games to the Fulham match. Roll on World cup so I can be disappointed all over again by England.

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