Tuesday, 22 June 2010


This blog won't be very good. You might expect it to be good but I'm writing it with fear.

The weight of expectation is too much.

How can I possibly perform.

Our Manager is Fabio Capello
We cheered when to England he said, 'Hello'
But his team's very poor
Show him the door?
Shame, he seemed like the right fellow.

A big fat chap called Frank
From Chavscum, has lots in the bank
Oh for goodness sake
have another slice of cake
Cos for England you can't play for w***

A spud headed cheat called Rooney
To the fans did say, 'Please don't boo me'
We might as well play Shrek
Cos our dreams you did wreck
You've left a nation feeling gloomy.

Bring on SWP
He'll win the game you'll see
He'll dart left & right
Shame he's so sh*te
We should've brought Theo (or even me!)

There's a hopeless striker called Defoe
who, in our house, we call DeWoe
He runs about a bit
but he too is sh*t
We really should've brought Theo.

The left back is called Ca$hley Cole
He really is a f.......

Oh you get the point.

That's nice! Your own blog readers booing you.

Come on ENGLAND!

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