Friday, 11 June 2010

Wot No Theo

Terry plays it forward to Lampard. He knocks it wide to Ashley Cole. The cross comes in .....ROONEY!

But do you hear what I hear?

Stupid Chav who can’t keep his flies up plays it foward to Fat Chav. Have another cake before you knock it wide to Ca$hley. Don’t get me started on that mug phone.....only £50,000 a week...... The cross comes in ...SHREK!

The club vs country dilemma rears it’s ugly head again. However, the other day I heard an explanation which will help me through the next month. Somebody on the radio said that your club is like your spouse. You choose your spouse. You love and cherish your spouse. They are your day to day.

“Have you put the bins out Love & can you pop to the shops as we’re very low on defenders and the goalkeepers have gone off?”

Your country are your family. You don’t choose them. You are born into them. No choice. I’m English. I’m stuck with it.

Like a family there will be people you love and feel close to. (Adams, Seaman, Dixon, Keown, Platt, Walcott.) There are members you don’t know very well but admire (Butcher, Lineker, Gazza, Shilton.) There are the people you’ve seen pictures of but don’t really know who they are. (Warnock, Milner, Hodge, Huddlestone, Hately!) And there are the people you are ashamed of. (Terry, Cole A, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney .............)

I can’t wait for this World Cup to start. I love the thrill of watching North Korea take on Brazil. It’s our first Twitter World Cup and I’m looking forward to a banter filled evening with the American Gooners on Saturday. I’m going to enjoy every minute of football on all day every day. I’m grateful my family are involved I just don’t like them very much.

So wherever you are in the world get behind your family. I’m backing mine (through gritted teeth)

Cry God for Fabio, England and St George.

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  1. Nice blog mate! Feel the exact same!