Saturday, 17 July 2010

Keeping The Keeper

Change the record! I know. Stop going on about the goalkeepers. Well we can all reach for a new slice of vinyl when something is done. Our two first choice keepers can't keep. If they were shop keepers the shelves would be empty with no money in the till. It's got to the point where they would struggle to keep a secret.

I am genuinely worried we will kick off against Liverpool without a first choice keeper. I was all for raiding the scousers for their goalie but after seeing him holding Cesc in a headlock the other night I'm not sure he would be too welcome at The New Highbury.

I'm not going to say anything else about that incident as it makes me hot and bothered and it's all on twitter. All I'll say is it was Hup Holland Hup in our house last sunday just because Ajax don't claim their DNA is in RVP and their president, all their staff and players aren't all wankers. Yes! I took against a whole country because of one stupid (broke) club. If their claims are true Cesc needs a DNA transplant. Reports this morning suggest they don't have the money and The Arsenal aren't listening. Good stuff. Arsene and Ivan with their fingers in their ears shouting LA LA LA LA LA LA LA.

For a moment there I'd forgotten we don't have a keeper yet. It needs addressing. As does the lightness of the defence. 3 central defenders is not enough. Arsene's on the case I'm sure. Just when we least expect it all the players we need will be unveiled. Won't they?

Anyway, Barnet today and proper football will be with us before we know it. Get those fixtures in the diary and start declining those wedding invites. It's their own fault for getting married in the football season and it will never last. Much like our title run without a new keeper. Put that record back on.


  1. m'kay but RVP played for Feyenoord so why would Ajax claimhis DNA?

  2. Of course he did. My mistake but you get my point.