Friday, 6 August 2010

Waiting for the Postman.

This blogging lark is harder than it looks especially over the summer when there is nothing to talk about. Well nothing except goalkeepers, defenders, the grooming of the captain, pointless internationals......

The biggest problem is that I think of a subject and it's written about elsewhere before I can get the computer charged up. It suggests to me that the majority of Gooners are excited by the new season, as we are every August, but few of us feel the team is ready for the long campaign.

My biggest worry are the goalkeeper. My last post I hoped would be out of date by now but it's still valid as a new one hasn't arrived yet. Arseblog discussed yesterday how the defence lose confidence when they have no idea who will be behind them from one game to the next. I do too. Last season was horrible. The points these men cost us went into double figures and I spend too much on my season ticket to watch second rate goalkeeping. Waiting for news of a new goalkeeper is like waiting for the postman to bring you your exam results. The only difference is the postman always turned up.

If the postman is coming could he also bring us another central defender (as long as it's not in a Silvestre shaped package) as three is clearly not enough. I'm assuming we will be hit by injuries as that seems to be the norm so we need enough cover and depth and we don't seem to have it. The games last weekend showed that the defence is still a bit of a shambles. Nearly letting a 3 goal lead slip against Celtic! Hmmm

Good news though as it does seem as if the club has seen off Barcelona over their attempts to unsettle Cesc. They really are a horrible arrogant club who go about things in the wrong way. Bastards. I know Cesc will go one day but until they have the money to buy back 'one of their own' they can shut up. Had they actually offered the club what he is worth so we could get in replacements (as it would take more than one to replace him) I think the summer would've been different. Every player has a price and Barcelona are nowhere near Cesc's. I hope he isn't booed. He is an Arsenal legend. He is vital to the team. He's done nothing wrong. He may not have made the statement every Arsenal fan wanted to hear but it was hard for him. I think saying nothing and leaving it up to the two clubs to scrap it out was his only option. He's our captain, we need him, Don't boo.

As for these international friendlies - feel free to boo.

See, nothing to talk about. And I haven't even mentioned Manchester City or the take over of Liverpool or the direction the top flight is heading financially and how it could all blow up in it's face or.........

Right, later today I'm starting a 200 mile round trip to Farnborough with my son to see Cambridge City play in the Southern League Championship. It involves a ferry crossing, an overnight stop and losing a day of holiday with the family. It's a kind of madness only football fans understand.

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