Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Message From Your New (joint) Owner

I went to the game today feeling quite different. I've been following The Arsenal since 1979 but I've never watched a game as a joint owner. Yes! This morning I joined the Fanshare scheme. I now own 1\100th of a share of the club and I'm quite proud of that. What a great idea and it means that if that man Usmanov wants our club he'll have to go through me first! Your club is safe with me.

What a marvellous day out at the Grove today. The Arsenalisation of the stadium is a treat. The clock is up, the stands have proper names and there are splendid murals of the Clubs history everywhere. The Chavs would struggle to cover a toilet wall with their history let alone a stadium. Yet again The Arsenal have done things in the right way. Good work.

The clock was opened. We had fireworks and banners to announce the reinstatement of the North Bank and the Clock End. Welcome back. The Grove never felt more like The Home Of Football.

Blackpool were a lovely opponent. Their fans were excited. Pictures outside and inside the ground at every opportunity. I even saw a man with an orange camera (but then again I've got a red one.) I hope they do OK this season. In Ian Holloway they have a really decent fella in charge. It was all going wrong for them but they didn't once resort to kicking us. They tried to play and credit to them. They probably should've tried to kick us off the pitch but they didn't and it made for a nice change.

Theo was my man of the match. Not because of the Hatrick but it was his best game from a start I've seen him play. He looked dangerous everytime he had the ball. Mrs Feverpitch's MotM was Rosicky. Everything we did went through him. Great to see him back. Chamakh had a funny game. He never gave up but at times tried too hard. He derserve his goal. A header from a corner! I remember those. When was the last one? Linigan in the 1993 Cup Final replay?

The red card was harsh but gave the ref no choice. Last man and from behind. What could the ref do? It led to the away fans chanting, "Same old Arsenal away cheating" to which the bloke behind me replied, "How would you know." Brilliant.

We will have much harder days at the Grove but today was perfect. The team looked impressive. I know, if we play a team who have a shot we need a new keeper but let's not worry about that today. My first game as a joint owner ended in a 6-0 win. I'm happy with that.


  1. Wow congrats for being now a joint owner! What a day indeed. Theo was for sure the man of the match, tough the whole team was superb today and it makes difficult to rate, but a hat-trick at the Emirates on the day the clock was opened makes everything more special! Today was just perfect.

  2. The team have taken quite a turn for the better since you took charge. Keep up the good work.

  3. The club is safe with you! I leave it in your trusty hands.