Sunday, 15 August 2010

Reina Signs For The Arsenal

After all that waiting I must admit I didn't enjoy that as much as I'd hoped. Being 100 miles from my Sky dish and the Sky player buffering more times than an unpunished Gerrard foul didn't make it easy viewing. However, it wasn't just the technology. We didn't play. We didn't click. We looked tired. Tired? We were lackluster, lacked urgency. It was not a great performance.

Yet there were positives! The new fella, Kos, whose name I must learn to spell looked the part. I was worried how he'd find the step up but step up he did and fair play to him (and that was never a second yellow. In fact I don't think kicking Kuyt in the sherringhams is a yellow, it's a round of applause.)

Secondly,their goalie made a bigger howler than ours and what a howler it was too. On your knees throwing the ball in your own net! Class! It felt nice to laugh at the other keeper for a change. That'll teach the muppet for head locking Cesc in the summer although he is our leading goalscorer so let's not be too unkind. Almunia did his usual grasp at fresh air and half hearted leap at their goal. Great shot but near post Manuel? Let's not forget the wonderful passes we put together to set up the Liverpool goal. Lovely stuff. Sorry we are doing positives aren't we?

Other positives - we got a point away from home, the all yellow kit looked nice, Kos doesn't have a broken leg just a suspension, Chamakh kind of scored (well massive assist) and Flappyhandski didn't play.

Just a quick thought on Cole's red card. When did a player's character start playing a part in a sending off? A bad tackle is a bad tackle. All we get now is 'he's not that kind of player.' To be honest there aren't many who are. Very few player set out to really hurt another player. Some do and we know who they are but the list is not huge. Most bad tackles are made fairly honestly for the ball and they go wrong. If you get it wrong, even if you give to charity and visit sick kids in hospital, you must be punished. Cole is now out of work for 3 games and can sign on, sign on with the pen in his hand.... #watchedfootballinthe80s

I'm not going to moan about individual performances as that's been done all afternoon on Twitter however, why don't we use the sides of the pitch. Why so narrow? I think we need John Barnes to pop in and give the team a rhyming talk about getting to the line and around the back. It would do no harm!

Anyway, still need a goalie, a pair of central defenders, Song, Cesc and RVP to start and to stop passing it to the opposition just outside our box. All this should be sorted by the time we take on high flying Blackpool.

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