Monday, 14 February 2011

Sheep in Wolves Shirts, Shorts & Stockings.

Buy Wolverhampton a pint. Having stopped the manc's unbeaten run in it's tracks and preserving our unbeatables legacy, they lay down and presented us a lovely 3 points with little effort on our part. Cheers Wolves. 

Everyone had been saying that Wolves' were better than their league position suggests and the win over the Manc's did give me some concern that we would know we'd been in a game by 4.50pm. However, Huddersfield gave us a better fight. We were great. We didn't need to be any more. Fantastic & Brilliant weren't necessary to beat such a lack lustre side who didn't really muster a shot on target. Yet the goals were far greater than brill. The first was a sweeping move swept in by RVP. A superb finish as good as you'll see. The second goal was pure Arsenal. 10 passes in 10 seconds apparently. (read that somewhere, haven't checked, if it's not true it should be!) That's got Barcelona worried! 

Despite the pre match worries it turned out to be the perfect workout before the main event. We looked string and confident, and coming off the back of such a magnificent collapse, that's all we could've wished for. We look as ready as we can be for Wednesday. 

I was really pleased with Arshavin. He's on his way back. Class is permanent and all that. He is trying now. He is getting back, helping out and flinging himself in front of balls in the last third. He still looks a bit off but he has upped his effort and you can't criticise that. 

So onto the little matter of Wednesday and the annual game against that team that stole our style! Now, there's a lot of doom and gloom about this match with many not giving us a chance. We have a chance, of course we do, but I think they will beat us over two legs. That's not so much a reflection on us as a reflection on their brilliance. They are bloody fabulous. We won't get thrashed but I think over two legs they will just be too strong. We are the underdogs but that's not always a bad thing. On any given night anything can happen. When the underdog is hungry the favourite might fall. Be hungry Arsenal, be  hungry. 

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