Thursday, 3 February 2011

When The Ball Is Played.

Saha was miles offside when the ball was played to him. The fact it hit a defender is irrelevant. He gained an advantage (scored a goal) by being offside and the linesman was totally wrong. That's that. No need for a huge debate on phase one or phase two nonsense. He was clearly offside and if he wasn't then the rule is stupid.

It's the first offside in front of the North bank that was clear to us Clock Enders. To confirm it, the club helpfully played it on the jumbotrons and there was nearly a riot. The ref ran over to the linesman to ask about his family and whether he's got anything nice planned for the upcoming half term and the goal stood. There's your video evidence and it was ignored but what else could they do. I've never seen a goal disallowed once the players have lined up for a restart and there isn't a ref alive who would be brave enough. Where was Sian Massey when you need her? She gets offsides right.

The team, who had started badly, reacted to the injustice by playing worse. It was as frustrating on the pitch as it was in the stands. We made chances but whistled them wide or straight at 'time wasting' Tim. The boo at half time, for the ref not the team, was top drawer. Who says The Arsenal fans can't make a noise. We can boo with the best of them.

The second half started slowly too. I think the team would've got more grief from the crowd if the ref hadn't been so inept. It really was a poor show. He seemed to get every foul, push or advantage wrong. He'd lost it and was lucky the shenanigans involving RVP didn't turn into a full scale punch up. Whatever Cesc said or didn't say to the officials at half time, he was right. David! Why did you lie? Why David? Why?

Arshavin was introduced to a few groans and a picture of Nasri on the big screens. Wishful thinking? He seems to have turned a small corner recently. He's putting in the work, getting back to make tackles and turning the game last night in our favour with a neat finish. He's put in two cracking last gasp tackles this week and I'm confident he can fill that hole when Kos gets sent off and Djourou get injured. Squillaci and Arshavin at the back. Don't have nightmares, do sleep well! Anyway, he'd be like a new signing back there!

So the score went to Arsenal 1 Everton 0 Linesman 1 before our new Andy Linigan rose like a salmon to win the game. Justice! They way the team celebrated at the end was a wonderful sign. That offside goal may have done us the world of good. We played really well at the end to overcome that injustice and the confidence that brings is so valuable.

I'm so glad The Arsenal don't get involved in all that transfer nonsense. We are crying out for a central defender and we could've got one I'm sure. Not a world beater but a body that would relieve the pressure of injuries. It wasn't to be and I hope it doesn't cost us. The transfers of Torres and Carroll were staggering. The fees are eye watering to normal people. At a time where nearly everyone is feeling the pinch the opulence of these clubs verges on the vile. I'm not sure how comfortable I am being a 'fan' of all this. We pay a lot of money (to us) to watch multimillionaires do something that's not that important. I still love it but it leaves a bitter taste. Devalue the transfers to Torres - £5 million, Carroll - £3.5, Bent £2.4 and it would still be too much. The game took a huge change for the worse when it allowed these men with more money than dick length into the beautiful game. Blatter goes on about how video technology cannot be used as it can't reach all levels of the game. I don't see lower league players being bundled into helicopters to fly to their latest bottomless pit employer. The Chavscum chairman feels more of a man today as he's slapped us all with the size of his electronic bank transfer. Oh look at the size of it.

We should be proud of our club and the success it's achieved without stupidity. Arsene knows - That goodness for that.

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