Monday, 25 April 2011

Is It A Bird? A Plane? NO! It's a CORNER!

I wasn't going to bother to write a blog following the debacle at the Reebok. What's the point I thought. I have nothing left to say about this side that I, and a million other bloggers, haven't said on numerous occasions this season.

......blah leaders.......blah blah...................tippy tappy...........blah..........SHOOOOT!.........corners are STILL a surprise........blah blah..............need experience.................blah blah...................when will they learn?...........blah.......Blah....BLAH BLAH BLOODY BLAH!

The frustration we feel is because of the potential we see before us. Many Arsenal fans have thought it's the hope that kills us. Sometimes I wish we were just shit. It might be easier to take! Imagine if Almunia was the best keeper we had. Imagine if Igor Stepanovs was our best defender while Jimmy Carter was our most creative midfielder. Imagine if our strongest front two were Chris Kiwomya and Lee Chapman. Imagine if David O'Leary was manager! We would finish 13th because we would be shit. This team and squad and manager are not shit. Arsene has hit perfection before and he can again. The players are not half-arsed journeymen. They are highly trained internationals who know what they are doing so why do they hide it so well?. So why oh bloody why can't they defend corners? Why can't they shoot? Why can't they defend 2 goal leads or 4 goal leads? Why can't they beat a poor Birmingham side in a cup final? Why can't they? WHY?

However, we will qualify for the group stages of the £££££££ league and that's the measure of success now. The board will go through the motions of trophy talk but they believe that a potless 3rd is a lot more valuable than a domestic cup double and 5th. Old ground!

Also remember how every pundit had written us off before the season started. Spuds and man c were guaranteed to finish above us. 'arry's a genius and the scarf wearing twat was chucking money away of players nobody wanted. £££££££ League? They were having a laugh. Haven't we done well pundits?

Anyway, this season has crashed to a pathetic halt against a team that crapped itself at Wembley. Staggering. We now find ourselves in a position where if we lose to man u (likely) we hand them the title or if we beat them (likely too!) we let Chavscum (south) in. Dog poo sandwich of a dog turd sandwich anyone?

Remember we are financially sound and we have an enormous amount of mental strength to fall back on. I'm going to camp out all night to get a good view of the open top bus parade. The players are going to drive the bus using only the power of their minds while Silent Stan holds aloft a bank statement. We are the envy of other clubs. Trophies are so last year (or the year before that or even before that. It's been so long I forget.)

I don't want Arsene out. I won't entertain the thought. We know what he can do and I hope he does it again. Remember Allardyce is looking for a job. Be careful what you wish for. We need big changes but not that BIG!

That's more than enough.

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  1. "Be careful what you wish for" has been my stock response to the baby-and-bathwater brigade suggesting Wenger should jump/be pushed. I'd go as far as to suggest that many of those players are loyal to him (over the club) and the subsequent rebuilding could take a lot longer than five or six trophyless years. Yes, it's frustrating beyond belief, but it would be boring if we won every week (wouldn't Oh.)