Sunday, 1 May 2011

And Now You're Gonna Believe Us!

Arsenal! How I love you so but why oh why do you do this to me? Victories against the Manc vermin are few and far between and you give us a bittersweet one. There was no singing and dancing in the street. All wins are nice especially against that lot but two months of utter crap diluted the feelings we should've all had at the final whistle.

As we went through the turnstile I said to the steward handling my sandwich that I thought we would probably win today as that would be typical inconsistent Arsenal. Apparently it was a popular view. Had we twigged the great Arsenal paradox we could've made a killing at the bookies. Man U riding high at the top with one foot in the £££££££ league final while Arsenal watch corners like children watch fireworks (in amazement with our mouths open!)The law of Sod predicted an Arsenal victory today.

People in the ground seemed a bit flat, disappointed that we were an extra rather than a player in the title race today. Nobody bounced out of bed today thinking 'big game, massive game, make or break game.' The oddest thing is that the team didn't show that at all. So many times this season we have looked lethargic and uncaring but not today. Cesc was left out which flattened our mood further. I've pulled my hamstring and made it to the upper tier (mental strength) yet Cesc couldn't play with a slight knock (poor show!)

The fact Cesc wasn't there confuses the issue more. He is our captain, our leader, our world class world cup winner yet the team didn't miss him one bit. From the off we were at Utd. We didn't let the settle, hustled them, won the ball back. Hell, we even defended from the front. That was a team playing with spirit and passion. There was even a little bit of fist pumping!

It was up there with the two other truly great performances this season against the chavs and Barcelona at home. These three games are what Arsene is banging on about. Talk about mental strength all you like after these games. Do not mention it when you've folded up for the umpteenth time. It annoys us!

I tweeted after the game that I felt a bit depressed by that as it just goes to prove that Arsene was right all along and we are good enough to win the league and we have chucked it away again. People told me to just enjoy the win and I am. It was marvellous but you know what I mean. If we showed even half the desire in even half those awful games we drew they would be wins and we would be Champions. Simple!

I was shocked by how crap man u are. Are they really better than us? How are they on for the title and £££££££ league? They will be the shittest champions ever and we will have less points than them. Depressing!

Now do we celebrate St Totteringham's day yet? They are 12 points behind with 4 games left to play but will have to make up the 27 goals we have on them to go above us. They are crap and have no chance so I think we can keep the bunting up for that little knees-up. And I believe at the start of the season the Spuds were convinced this was their year (it does end in 1) to finally finish above us. Ha ha ha ha and if you will ha!

So where do we go from here? I hope Arsene doesn't hide behind this result and say 'I told you so.' Playing and beating Man u in a meaningless (for us) game is one thing but it's (as they used to say) the wet Wednesday's in Wigan that win you the league and we need some experienced boys in to help on days like that. Maybe we just play better when the pressure's off. The last two months seem to confirm it. However, you're only supposed to be as good as your last game and we just played man u off the pitch and Ramsey scored the winner. Sod your trophies! That'll do nicely for now.

Up The Gunners

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