Monday, 23 May 2011

A Qualified Success?

So we've reached that point again where we are drenched in disappointment, facing weeks and weeks of footballessness. Waiting like little children on Christmas eve for the tiniest evidence of the man in red'n'white to deliver us a nice surprise. It's all we have during the summer. Father Arsene, fill our stockings with new goodies (some of which we've heard of) and a new summer metaphore that doesn't revolve around Christmas would be nice too! I've started badly. Mental strength ..... Turn it round son.

So our season ended with our only pleasures being the pains of others. Yesterday was hugely enjoyable & exciting. Mainly due to my decision to not chase the stream and just sit in front of the telly flicking between the teams in trouble. Most of us were sad to see Blackpool go (as they gave us 6 points) while all of us were delighted to see Birmingham disappear. Eduardo, Carling Cup, awful chants about an ankle, we were united in our joy. That bloody team seem to mess us up every year. Well next year they can derail Doncaster's season for a change.

But there you have it. A shred of pleasure born out of a grudge isn't really enough is it? We know things must change this summer. However, this is not a new feeling. Indeed, the chap from Eastlower just tweeted his final blog from this time last year and it's all still relevant, too relevant. Do we learn? The evidence suggests otherwise. Finding new thing to say about this team is harder than keeping a superinjunction quiet. Same old same old and I'm not going over it here for fear of sounding as boring as Jamie Redknapp. He loves to state the bleeding obvious so just as him.

The Fulham game passed me by somewhat. I followed it on twitter as I watched the shit try to stay afloat. I'm glad we didn't lose. In fact I like to think of us on an unbeaten run of 1 now. It's something to build on. A meaningless draw seemed apt though. We defended badly, scored a couple of good goals and exited stage left to cheers of 'spend some f**king money.' Apparently some of the squad misunderstood and immediately bought two cars and a shag pad in Hampstead each.

So how will we look back in this season? It's never really got past the 'OK' stage has it? Home games have been a bit of a trial. Chavs, Barca & Man U were the only real high points. The rest have been very hit and (quite alot) miss. We've been introduced to the phrase 'Mental Strength' and it won the coveted 'most inappropriate use of a phrase' award for 12 weeks running. Who says we can't win anything?

We've had it confirmed that whoever is running the club doesn't know his Arsenal from his elbow. 6.5% rise in season tickets announced during a run of form that made West Ham blush was extraordinary. Telling us we can watch a film about a wonderful championship winning night (I forget it's name) on the pitch seemed to rub salt in. And yesterday, as the team waited to be put out of it's misery our captain was given the day off to go and watch driving in Spain. One game left and the club captain wasn't there. I'm not blaming Cesc at all. I'm sick of watching that rubbish too but whoever thought it was a clever thing to do wants to be introduced to the underside of Paul Scholes boots. It might not matter but it's the kind of thing that rubs fans up the wrong way. Tony Adams never missed a game unless he was in prison! Poor decision by the club.

We have learned that we never learn. Same mistakes every game suggest the coaching is off or the players are stupid. It's a worry. Conceding from a set piece became as inevitable as a Flavor Flav track on a Public Enemy album. You know it's going to happen, you just want to get it over with & it's never a pleasure. 4-5-1 is a joke. (If you know nothing of Public Enemy that will do nuttin' for ya man. If you do this is the best bit!)

I've learned that The Arsenal have driven me to mild madness. This very blog made me write like a 6 year old (my most viewed work - I think I've found my style) and calling for an 80s singer to be in charge of transfers. Who amongst us doesn't want a so macho central defender?

So things must change. We have qualified for the right to qualify for the ££££ league and that is a massive challenge. We may well get Chigley from Trumptonshire but imagine the kerfuffle if what needs to be done isn't done and we mess that game up. Season over before it starts. Talk about hitting the ground running! Yes that means you too Arshavin.

Anyway, it's the summer break now and all we can do is hope for Arsene to do what needs doing. Decent signings will restore our hope and relationship with the club. They lost our faith and it was depressing to see the in fighting and hearing the boos. It was not a good season but remember our disappointment at finishing 4th was the spuds joy last time. I do think we've gone backwards a bit. We certainly aren't a better team & the 'young team' nonsense Arsene spouts won't wash any longer. And that post Milk Cup collapse was something else. If we change only one thing it's got to be 'stop bloody sulking when you lose.' Get over it and win your next game. Bolton did it after a horrific FA Cup semi final result against, you guessed it, us. There is no shame in losing. It's how you respond that sets you apart.

It's a massive summer for the club and an even bigger season ahead. We may not win a pot next year but the club needs to be seen to match their perceived ambition. They need to win the fans back. The start is crucial. None of your losing at home to WBA if you don't mind.

So enjoy the weeks off. No more stress or worry brought about by young millionaires who don't know you from (Tony) Adam(s). August will be here before we know it and the emotions will return. It's the purest of theatre and that's why we love it.

Thanks to everyone who reads my unconscious stream of nonsense. Some of you even seem to enjoy it & make sense of it. There are a million & one blogs out there and I really appreciate you spending/wasting your time on mine.

Up The Gunners.

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  1. So true. As much as I'd love to throw Arsene under the bus, I have to believe there's one more Invincibles season left in him.

    Though, my girlfriend finds it quite funny that after sex, I occasionally give her my Arsene impersonation--"It is too soon to make a judgement about it." Then I ask her for another $6. It's the only way I can find enjoyment out of this steaming pile of shit of a season.