Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thank Bergkamp that's all over.

Right, got a new app on the mobile so might try to blog as we go. This might be rubbish but thought I'd try something new. Please excuse any spelling mistakes.

We arrived at the ground nice and early today. I fancied a 'Champions League Qualifier 2011-12' T-Shirt but couldn't find one anywhere. Must've sold out. There is a funny atmosphere in the ground. A large cheer went up when Newcastle scored like it meant something. For a brief moment it did as their lovely owner sat with his head in his hands. Oh for a home draw against Newcastle!

I've got end of season fever. Having said I'd stop buying programmes to counteract the price rises I immediately bought a programme, a Gooner and a copy of 'up the Arse.' The sellers always look quite disappointed when you don't actually say,
"one up the arse please mate!"
I resisted. I'm a slow reader. That should keep me busy until August.

As I write this I'm watching Pires warming up in another's colours. He's still rather, as Arseblog would put it, dreamy. I wish he was warming our bench.

The teams are out. I'll add some more at half time (or sooner if it's crap!)

20 minutes and all I can say is,
I used to go to a record shop called Our Price and they always had a fantasic amount of records and CDs in their bargain bin. It was exciting. More records for your money. However, when you got there it was all Black Lace & Jive Bunny. There was never any Duran Duran or Adam & The Ants. If you shop in the bargain bin you get Jive Squillaci not Adams and the Ants.

My son is now facing away from the pitch. He says it's a better view. Club have just told me it's £10 extra to not watch.

It's going to take a lot of mental strength to watch this crap today.

To be continued.....

......home now. The second half was marginally better than the first but I didn't have the heart to blog. I think I may have almost run out of stuff to say. It's depressing when you see players in Arsenal shirts who are clearly not good enough. I even feel sorry for them. Squillaci, for example, is just no good. It's not his fault and for a lesser club he may well do a job but to see him sauntering about like he is in the park walking his dogs makes me angry. Is it a sign of the quality we can afford? If we are shopping at Squillacis'r'us then we are buggered. The only nice bit of today was the return of TV or the proper defender as he is known.

The club are making a big deal about the 125 anniversary and why not if it sells shirts and keyrings. However, in tribute to the founding fathers in that south London public house we have started playing like a 125 year old pub side. Stop it & stop it now.

The lap of appreciation was an uncomfortable few minutes. The players walked quite a long way from the fans and most clapped us. It was a mixture of boos and clapping. In fact more clapping than I'd expected. The stadium was only about a third full by then so I think most of the booers had gone to the pub. Rumours that Arshavin didn't make it right round the pitch are false!

By the end I was losing my mind. I tweeted that today could only get worse if Eboue ran on dressed as Sinitta and sang So Macho. It would've been more entertaining than the nonsense served up by our heroes but depressing as I'm not sure Eboue has the legs to pull off her skimpy outfits. However, if you look at the lyrics it spookily lists the characteristics we are lacking.

I don't want no seven stone weakling
Or a boy who thinks he's a girl
I'm after a hunk of a guy
An experienced man of the world
There ain't no way that I'll make do
With anything less than I'm used to
If I have a man tonight
He's gotta be right, right, right

Somebody put Sinitta in charge of transfers. She wouldn't sign Squillaci!

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