Friday, 16 April 2010

Can We Do It? Yes Wigan!

Right, they had their day in the sun. A child scored a fluke, an extra from the Planet of the Apes scored their second and they can all run out and spend their money on a commemorative DVD. Big Club?

I sent a text to a Sp*rs friend of mine asking if he will be purchasing the DVD titled 'Once A Decade.' He replied, "No but I will be buying the DVD 'You've made our season!' Really? A home win against a very understrength Arsenal makes their season? Did anyone leave New Highbury in October when we turned them over 3-0 saying "That's made my season?" Certainly not and we didn't even get the opportunity to relive it time and again with an official DVD. Then again, that game wasn't our cup final!

Anyway, we need to move on and win these last 4 games 'just in case' as Goonerholic puts it on the Arsecast. You never know but all we can do is win all the remaining games on the Silvestre farewell tour. The main news between now and Fulham will be the availability of players and it looks bad. The latest list looks like this.

1. Almunia (Glove Rot)
2. Diaby (Thought this game was on Saturday and is meeting mates)
3. Sagna (Hair appointment he just can't change)
4. Cesc (Broken)
5. Vermaelen (Calf Problem)
6. Senderos (Apparently not as good as Silvestre)
7. Rosicky (Got sick in his name)
8. Nasri (Going down Westfield with Fran)
9. Edwardo (Misplaced his bottle)
10. Gallas (Annoying leg strain)
11. Van Persie (Fit! He's FIT!)
12. Vela (Stuck at an airport, covered in ash, with no passport)
14. Walcott (Mum forgot to pack his boots or shorts)
15. Denilson (Groin)
16. Ramsey (Assaulted by a thug)
17. Song (Bad Knee)
18.Silvestre (The relentless passage of time)
19. Wilshire (Being held hostage in the north)
21. Fabianski (Strained facial hair)
20. Djourou (Security won't let him in anymore)
22. Clichy (Sunday lunch at his girlfriend's parents)
23. Arshavin (Calf problem)
27. Eboue (Tinkerbellitis)
28. Gibbs (Not finished holiday homework and it's due in on Monday)
31. Campbell (Knackered from playing on his own last Wednesday)
32. Merida (Going down Westfield with Samir)
52. Bendner (My son thinks he is rubbish)

So there you have it. One available player. Lucky for us one of our prospective Chairmen sent the boys round to the FA so now,apparently, we can play anyone who has ever sported the famous red with white sleeves. My guess is our team will be:

1. Rhys Wilmott
2. Gus Caeser
3. Pal Lyderson
4. Kwame Ampadu
5. Colin Pates
6. Chris Whyte
7. Richie Poweling
8. Steve Williams
9. Lee Chapman
10. Vladimir Petrovic
11. Robin Van Persie
13. Alan Miller
14. Alberto Mendez
15. David Price
16. Willie Young
17. Raphael Meade
18. Kaba Diawara
19. Siggi Jonsson

Needs must.

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  1. Love it, although Siggi Johnson might have to leave at half time to pick up his great great grandchildren from playgroup.