Friday, 16 April 2010

Hillsborough 1989

Yesterday afternoon my mind wandered. I was on a pitch and putt golf course overlooking the sea with my kids yet my thoughts were at Highbury. At that moment, 21 years ago I knew where I was.

I was sitting in the West Stand Upper tier near the Clock End watching Arsenal play Newcastle. I think Kenny Sansom was playing for them and we won 1-0. I don't remember who scored for us. Very early in the game people started to talk about the FA Cup semi final in Sheffield. These were the days before everyone having internet in their pocket so the news was sketchy. It started off with talk of fighting. Not too ususual in those days. later we heard the game had been postponed. Very unusual in those days. Then we heard of people being badly hurt but that's all we knew in our ground.

It wasn't until we got home that the full horror of that day was known. There we were in our beautiful stadium enjoying an Arsenal win while other supporters, supporters just like us, were herded into pens. Football fans dying inside a football ground. 96 went to support their team, just like us, but didn't return home.

So as I was being soundly beaten by two children on a holiday golf course my thoughts turned to that day 21 years ago and to the families and friends of the 96 who, just like us, just went to support their team. Rest In Peace.

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  1. Well done, a very dignified post. I remember that day well too, and watching the Bradford fire on TV and the Heysel disaster both in 1985 and feeling so helpless in both cases. RIP all innocent victims of tragedies...