Thursday, 15 April 2010

An odd day to start all this!

The day after Sp*rs beat us in the league for the first time in my son's life (He's 11!) is an odd day to start blogging about this great team we call The Arsenal but somehow that defeat spurred (!) me on to put finger to keypad. I'm not sure how long I will keep this up especially as the summer is rapidly heading our way but let's see what happens.

I've been on twitter for some time now ( which is a magnificent invention for football fans. The agony from across the globe last night was something to behold. We were all in the same boat. However, sometimes you need a bit more space to say things so here it is.

So, what did we learn last night? Not much that we didn't already know. We already knew, deep down, that the title was just a tiny bit too far away. We already knew that we need a goalkeeper who doesn't have a quota of at least one hopeless error per game. He catches the ball, they don't score. Harsh? I don't care. He's made 36 errors too many.

We already knew that bloke that was once not bad at Man U is no good anymore. The moment they let us buy him we should've walked away. But none of this is news.

We discovered what it was like to lose to them. I'd forgotten.

How did it leave you feeling? At first frustrated as we know we are so much better than that mob. We could beat them 99 times out of 100. last night was 100. However I do feel a sense of pride too. Pride at how this team has come back time and time again to push Man U and the Chavs until after Easter. Cosidering the injuries, and I've not seen injuries like this ever, the team have been magnificent. For much of this season we have lost the spine (and sometimes the arms and the legs) of our first team. We are getting better.

So with some wise Wenger investment and a desire to keep this squad together and fit next year could be special.

In other news Cambridge City beat Bedford 2-0 to go back into the play-off places in the Zamereto Southern League. It's a rare old ding dong battle down there. I'll explain my passion for them another time.

Right, there it is. My first blog. If Arseblog is David Seaman facing a Sampdoria penalty I'm Almunia trying to catch a corner. If Eastlower is a pass from Pires to Henry I'm the penalty Pires passed to Henry! This is my pre-season. I'll try to get match fit.


  1. Not too worried, city n spurs will play vital role this weekend as both of them chasing after the last spot. Cheers up gooners........

  2. Well done Feverpitch, a post to be proud of. Lose the Cambridge City nonsense though! Enjoy following your tweets, will look out for the blog too now. Best, Richard

  3. Off to a great start, good luck with it :D

    Nice one.
    See you on twitter old bean.

  5. Good luck with the blog feverpitch, I'll be following you on Twitter from now on so tweet when you post. We've got the best blogs around with Arseblog, Goodplaya, Goonerholic, East Lower etc, don't worry about competing, maybe just give us something a little different. All the best for it. @easyserge

  6. you can never have too many good Arsenal blogs, there's always the need to share the pain of defeat & the pleasure of victory (the indifference of a draw?). Best of luck, have been following on Twitter for a while now.

  7. Good Luck fella

    Whilst the loss to Sp*rs should have cut me deep, I feel kinda not bothered too much

    For the first time in a long time, I think I can truly say without doubting it myself those forbidden words of yore: NEXT SEASON!

  8. i love everything you say, really.

  9. Good 1st attempt, definitely much better than Almunia trying to catch a corner

  10. Keep it up. Your insights and humor are off the hook.