Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Arsenal Thorough Worsted

Eleven little red lads in a deep red hue,

Came to show Loughborough a thing or two;

But the Luffs they said nay,

It is our turn today,

And the reds returned, thorough worsted.

That is how the Loughborough local paper opened it's report on Arsenal's largest defeat in 1896. Before today that was the only time we have ever let 8 goals in. 115 years of football and nobody managed it. If the year started in a 19 nobody managed it. Eight! 8! Huit! Ocho! One fat lady! Fucking 8! However you say it it's a lot of goals to let in. That's 1 every 11 minutes 15 seconds. No one has done that to us in living memory. 8!

Usually we all analyse the term, performance and individuals but today there is no point. They all did their best considering the neglect. They scored two goals at Old Debtford. First time since 1984 I believe (haven't checked sorry) while missing a penalty. Considering the team selection and instructions to get two is a miracle. Conceding 8 was shocking but not unexpected considering the neglect. I actually feel sorry for our boys.

I feel sorry for the kids who have been thrown in right up to their necks. For a manager who has been so protective towards youngsters it's extraordinary to see him compromising these kids. I feel sorry for the older heads who have been swamped by youngsters. They can only guide so many and there are just too many. I feel sorry for the bench. Yet again it looked like a kids birthday party outing. There are no game changers on there. I feel sorry for RVP. He's at a stage in his career where he needs trophies and he looks about this flimsy squad and must despair. After today he would be well within his rights to kick the manager's door down and ask what the Squillaci is going on. I feel sorry for Szczesny. He was our best player by far and kept the score in single figures. Without him Loughborough would've become a distant memory! I feel sorry for the whole team being asked to play 'The Arsenal Way' despite not having the players to do it. Gary Neville sat in the Sky studio almost speechless at how high the defence were playing. Paul Merson was slowing losing it.

I feel sorry for the whole club as Sir Alex looked embarrassed by the win.

I feel sorry for the away fans who were once again magnificent. Old Scumford is a horrible place to go and they sang their hearts out and should get all their money back from the club if there is any decency left.

How has it come to this? It's obvious to all and very old ground. We were promised a big summer but that was a one way promise. We need players. We all know it. It's now critical. I know we have 8 (there's that number again) out and they would help but the squad is very very light even when everyone is fit. Again boring old ground.

I'm at a loss to know what else to say. I could say so much but it's all been said before. We know what needs to be done but with only 3 days to do it, it might all be too little too late. I've phoned missing persons and reported the loss of an entire football club and a shit load of money. Manchester Police have arrested the United first team on suspicion of murdering a group of London teenagers on a day trip to the city. Seriously though, we are in a lot of trouble here.

Eleven little lads in a stupid double blue

Went to Old Trafford without a fucking clue

It wasn't a twist of fate

When the Mancs hit eight

And the blues returned, thorough worsted.

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