Thursday, 4 August 2011

Burning Chavscum Stuff!

For the last few days I've been thinking about the mess that is the Arsenal summer. We were promised a big one. So far we haven't had it. I was going to start it with the line,

Hopefully this blog entry will be out of date quicker than a Diaby injury in a comeback match.

By that I hoped all my concerns about the squad would be solved before I'd posted the piece. They haven't. Constant rumours about numerous players on top on the relentless Cesc nonsense is dragging me down. There is a part of me that hopes Cesc goes this week so we can all just get on with our lives (& transfers?)

Before I could find the time to embark on a summer assessment along came the blog entry to end all summer blog entries. It was written by @Yankeegunner and you can read it at

It says everything I wanted to but better. It's how all us non booing Gooners feel. It says it all so I'll shut up and let you read that.

However, before I go I must supply you with a little treat. This week my son has attended a soccer school. We are away on holiday and you must remember that this was the only school available. Had The Arsenal been here we would use them but they weren't. Chelsea, however, were and I sent my boy into enemy territory donned in full Arsenal kit every day. I did my best with the banter but as the Chavs are statistically (if not morally) better than us I was in very thin ice on very hot days. My best line was,

'We got a packed lunch, shin pads & boots. Do you supply the air rifle?'

I did my best. Anyway, the course is now over and as a memento they gave a boy in the famous dark blue/light blue of the Arsenal (there it is again for @YankeeGunner) Chavscum wristbands! What to do with them? A quick twitter poll soon gave me the answer and it involved fire!

While others produce in depth analysis on our hopes & dreams I supply you with a video of chavscum stuff burning to an Arsenal classic. I've found my level. Enjoy!

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