Friday, 12 August 2011

Back to School Sale

So today is the day Cesc Fabregas finally signs for Barcelona and joins up with his mind after it signed for them 15 months ago. It's been a messy divorce and that's a shame. He should be remembered fondly by Gooners but his actions, and more so the actions of the filth he joins, means there isn't a lot of love for our ex-captain. Due to where he is heading we can't even wish him well. He hasn't reached legendary status and will probably be forgotten. Generations of Gooners won't list him in their best ever teams. There are few things he has done that can't be outdone by others. He never lifted a trophy.

What does disturb me is it looks likely Fabregas was on some sort of strike. He hasn't kicked a ball for us since April and this fueled the rumours. What's important is we perceive him to be forcing the issue and that leaves us cold. It's said he wasn't match fit for Newcastle but you just watch him jump around like a spring lamb if they want him to play. Apparently Barcelona are facing a huge injury crisis after half there squad, on hearing the news of Cesc, ejaculated themselves to death.

Arsene said he wanted this resolved by the start of the season and, for once this summer, the club told the truth. It's unfortunate Arsene said at 9am that nobody is leaving and by 2pm somebody had. Arsene is losing friends. Not me. I'm still a believing Arsenist but I'm being tested. I think it's the fear of who may take over that helps this belief. He hasn't gone mad. He hasn't lost it. He's doing things his way. He gave us the Untouchables so I'm still looking for that next miracle (for they were a sight to behold.)

The dress rehearsals didn't go well. Tomorrow night is the real thing. After a busy summer was promised the final cast list shouldn't be like this. Captain gone. Nasri is sick (of surviving on the thousands The Arsenal pay him.) We have players who don't want to be with us like Bendtner. We have players who are just not good enough even as squad players like Squillaci and Almunia. We have a flimsy left back. Jack is injured. We have some new school boys on the wings. Tomorrow has to go well. No excuses. The club have had the whole summer to sort out the obvious. Imagine if we concede from a set piece! Imagine if we lose!

The money is there and we have 19 days to use it wisely. Unfortunately in that 19 days we have Newcastle, Udinese twice, Liverpool and Man U. Anyway, I'm still excitedly nervous or is that nervously excited. I don't know but Match of the Day is on series link. Bring it on.

Worried? Arsene Knows .....doesn't he?

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