Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rabbit in a Magic Hat.

So Arsenal, how could we have ever doubted you? Shame on us!
Even if you claim to have never doubted you were certainly worried after quite a short striker headed home an equaliser just before half time.

It was a massive evening. It just could not go wrong. Arsene needed to pull out a victorious rabbit from his magic hat or the future was firmly poo coloured. Imagine how this morning would feel if we were facing Trumptonshire in the Wafer cup. Imagine the pressure on the manager. Imagine the papers & the blogs! Stop now! The rabbit was found and what a lovely, fat, fluffy rabbit dripping with mental strength he was. He will be popping into every national newspaper office later with a knuckle duster just to make sure the editors have stuck our badge back together again. How annoyed will the tabloids be this morning? They were desperate for us to join the spuds. Find another story you muppets.

The first half was a breathless ding dong. Two teams with very little between them racing from one end of the pitch to the other. From kick off Udinese made a chance & within seconds so did we. This was uncomfortable viewing. Quite a lot of girlie screaming was going on in our living room as they hit the post a couple of times & we played pinball in their area. That turned to swearing then silence as Di Natale headed past Szczesny with a stunning header which Djourou should've dealt with.

Half time was unpleasant. After 1 goal in 3 & a half matches it was hard to see the breakthrough coming. Twitter was shuddering with concerned Gooners. However, we just needed one. Just one. The collective worldwide relief for all those in red with white sleeves was felt after a marvellous dribble by Gervinho & a whollop by the captain. 1-1. Nothing can go wrong now can it?

You'd think not but you have to remember that referees can do idiotic things in the blink of an eye. A corner was swug in, TV was pushed in the back, the ball brushed his arm & the essentially pointless extra official saw his chance to be given a more important job by Platini. Amazing how this bloke saw that but his mate missed a clear elbow on Theo at the other end. A clear red card & penalty. However, instead the home team were given a huge opportunity on a UEFA shaped plate. What followed resulted in everyone in the living room getting to their feet. Wojciech pulled off the most magnificent Seamanesque save, keeping us firmly in the driving seat while annoying Platini & the media enormously. A double whammy of joy.

Theo, still nursing a sore (but not glass) jaw, raced onto the final bits of a 1-2 with Sagna to make it 1-2 to The Arsenal. With the 14 on his back, he cut inside, headed straight for their keeper & buried it without hesitation. He looked so like an old 14 of ours that we were all surprised he didn't curl it around the keeper into the other corner. High praise indeed and proof, if it were needed, that Theo needs a chance to play more centrally. We may already have the striker we need. He'd be like a new signing!

And you thought I'd forgotten. Of course we need players. One win hasn't changed anything. We have a very long season ahead of us which will be littered with injuries & suspensions. We need experience so the likes of Frimpong aren't looking at Ramsey for help. Ramsey is still so young & inexperienced he needs someone to look up to & learn. Theo Walcott, at 22 is considered an old hand! RVP said after the game what we are all thinking. For the captain to publicly say the win was great as it will generate funds for new players is a big deal. We, as fans, have little power in forcing the club's hand other than stop supporting & that's not going to happen. But when the captain, whose deal is running out, cries out for help, they need to listen and act.

Last night proved & reminded us all how good we are. They played with passion & intelligence. Jenkinson, living all our dreams, looked beyond his years. Frimpong again did a job. The future's bright but with a smattering of the right signings it could be blinding.

Oh and Nasri can fuck right off too.

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