Friday, 10 December 2010

Barcelona, Bell-ends and Belgrade

So it's Barcelona in the next round then. I know it is yet to be confirmed but we all know it will be. It's in the stars. We can feel it in our water. My mock draw using scraps of paper during a particularly dull bit of the day gave us Barcelona so get used to it. Our top of the table, semi final defence will once again be tested by Mr Messi.

Belgrade was a delight! For a game of 4 goals it's quite odd that nothing happened. However, for once, we played badly and won rather than playing well and not winning. I prefer the winning bit without the not. The penalty was a bit soft but you take what your given. Van Persie's strike tested the net. The goalie sensibly got out of the way. The equaliser would have been unbelievable had we not all seen it coming. So now we were worried. The team didn't lift themselves and it was with relief that the lethargic Arshavin was taken off for a boy full of Red Bull. Theo injected life into the side, scored a great goal to set up the Barca showdown (You know it!) Another lovely goal by the boy Nasri and we were home and finally dry. It's just a shame the shoddy nonsense the team served up in Portugal has led to (quite probably) Barcelona. Let's sort out that soft centre between now and then and give them a game.

Bell-End news has been lively this week. First up was cockney Bell-end Mike Ashley who deemed Chris Houghton not good enough and replaced him with a man I'm sure we all had pencilled in to take over from the great Arsene when that unthinkable day arrives. Good luck to Newcastle and their new Messiah.

This was followed up with Prince Bell-end Evra who was none to kind about our great club. Well all it proved was that he is a dick and Man Utd still employ dicks just like the good old days of Sherringham and Keane.

Onto Monday where I'd love to see the dicks get one hell of a spanking.


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