Monday, 27 December 2010

I Hate The Chavs

Deep down in our heart of hearts we didn't expect that did we? We all knew the team could produce a performance like that but so often this season it's been rubbish. Not tonight! That was everything I hoped for. They showed passion, commitment and a real desire to beat the evil chavs. We not only won but we deserved to win.

Bringing in Djourou was a popular (and right) decision. He is clearly our best fit defender and was superb. Dropping Arshavin was also popular (and right.) I must admit I didn't expect to win. The performances this season have left me thinking that we can lose to anyone (and we have!) but tonight I saw The Arsenal come alive. We were better than the team that bought the title and left feeling proud. We can do it. We can. It makes all those silly defeats seem all the worse. Imagine where we would be now had we beaten the teams we are easily capable of beating.

I think I enjoy nothing more than beating those bastards. Due to my family being split between London clubs I was brought up to hate that lot. I've hated them since Kerry Dixon! The fact they are a small club whose only chance of success was to be taken over and pumped full of money makes it easier to hate them. Most of their players are scum (see picture) and their fans are worse. Their fans have started a punch up on The Arsenal bridge as I write this and there are police everywhere. They started the night singing 'that' song about Wenger. Classless scum.

So David Mellor, Tim Lovejoy, Suggs, Bubble from Big Brother, John Major and every glory hunting kid under 12 years old - your small, historyless club took one hell of a beating and long may it continue until you slip back to mid table where you belong. Find a chav tomorrow and take the piss. Enjoy it, they deserve it.

So onwards to two away games. 9 points this week would be fantastic and well within our grasp. Please don't let this be a one off. Prove to us you have what it takes to take this league by the scruff. Tonight was The Arsenal's Christmas gift to us fans. Make it a Happy New Year.

What a night!

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