Thursday, 30 December 2010

Victoria Constant Inconsistent

How many times have we been here? The high of a good win shattered by a poor performance. Why are we depressed? Why are we even surprised. Majestic one game, crap the next. Against Spuds at home we were both in the same game.

Much was made on Twitter about the 8 changes before the game. Didn't Wolves get in trouble for 8 changes? There was very little support for it. The boys from Monday, much like us fans, we riding a wave of optimism and that probably should've been used against Wigan. Maybe one or two changes but 8? I can understand Arsene's thinking. He is very protective of his players, too much sometimes, but he would argue that everyone in the squad should be able to play and deliver. However we broke a massive barrier on Monday by finally beating a major rival and to break that up so dramatically proved to be an error in judgement. Arsene would argue that the team he picked should have enough to beat a team in the bottom 3 and I agree but the confidence of beating the chavs has been wasted. That confidence can't be bought and we haven't had a lot of it lately and it's criminal to have lost it so easily.

I hate these midweek games ignored by TV and radio. You spend your evening looking for streams from God knows where, shouting as a shot goes in as your picture freezes. Many thanks to the Gooners on Twitter sending me a flood of streams. Got a good one in the end but not sure the performance warranted the effort. These are the games that will win you the league. A point isn't good enough.

Something Arsene can't be criticised for is the shit referee. Their penalty was a clear dive by N'a N'cheating, N'diving N'bastard. The more you see it the less contact there is. N'twat was rightly sent off later for headbutting Jack, who went down like a pro. Good lad! There was the clearest of clear handballs at the end, which would've led to the worry of a penalty, that the ref ignored. If only he had been the ref against the spuds when the Capt did the very same thing. Inconsistency is the only constant it seems. But let's not blame the ref. We should have enough.

We scored two good goals despite playing like muppets and I expected us to take control. It never really happened. 2-1 up and now they are a man down. Come on The Arsenal, put this game to bed. Oh no, they have a corner, it's a deep one, the defence run around like school kids, goalie goes walk about - 2-2! Crap.

Under normal circumstances we would be out of it by now. It's the general crapness of all the teams that has kept this season alive. If any team had gone on a decent run they would be so far clear it would be over. And that's where the frustration stems from. Why can't that team be us? Well it's because we have cut price defenders and a goalkeeper who isn't good enough. We have our best defenders injured and half injured. We can't defend set pieces. We don't build on confidence building wins.

The central defenders aren't good enough. Kos was bought as a squad player and injuries have thrust him into many more games than planned. He's done quite well but he's not ready. Squilly too makes basic errors consistently. Are we really going to win the league with these two? Be honest! Fabianski. Does he give the aura of a Premiership winning keeper? Be honest! He is improving but still a mistake waiting to happen. Arsene himself says no one take control of set pieces. No surprise really is it?

We won't win the league this season. There, I said it. This team has proved time and again that a run of form is beyond them. Would a draw at Birmingham be any more surprising than a win (or a loss!) We're an unpredictable roller coaster. Victoria Constant Inconsistent.

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