Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas Gooners one and all.

I had a fantastic pre Christmas blog planned. I was off, with my son, to the festive members day on Tuesday and this was going to be filled with pictures and sarcastic comments about how they don't seem to be doing any defensive training. We had an e mail too saying we could meet the players in an exclusive signing session. The M&S lunch had been bought and we were ready. Bit of snow and it's unsafe to go! It wasn't long ago that you could walk on an icy pavement and if you fell over you were an idiot. Not anymore. Icy pavements mean claim time so let's just call everything off and stop the idiots leaving home.

I found some old video of the open top bus parade from 1993 and I thought I might post that as a festive treat but would it post? Would it hell so I've resorted to two badly made Christmassy pictures of our boys. Rubbish I know but nobody slipped over in making them and nobody has been sued.

So what do we all want for Christmas? A big new defender would be lovely. Some consistency with a bow on it please. Beating one of our rivals with extra stuffing would do nicely. Gooners to appreciate what we've got rather than moaning about being second, in a semi...etc. Yes I know but moaning is what us football fans do best. We all secretly love it. There is so much more to say when things are going badly. There's not too much to moan about at the moment. OK 'could do better' springs to mind but this team isn't perfect. We all know that. The invincibles they are not but we are doing OK and that's not a bad place to be.

So just the chavs at home and Wigan away to see out the year. 6 points in the bag? Oh how merry would Christmas be and how happy will new year be if we turn over the chavs? Good will to all men and all that but not to them. A team full of bastards who deserve a beating. That's the (festive) spirit!

With that I wish you all a Merry Red and White, Yellow and Blue Christmas. We are The Arsenal and we are the best, we are The Arsenal so f*ck all the rest. Have a cracker Gooners one and all.

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