Saturday, 18 December 2010

Swine of a Flu.

Told you it was Barca didn't I? Don't know quite why they go through the rigmarole of a draw. We get Barca while the MancTwats and ChavScum (southern section) get easy trips to nice places. Oh well, it's our own fault for playing like mugs in Portugal. We may beat them or we may lose but either way we will have to do it without Silvestre. Ohhhh Baby. Let us just all pray or ask Father Christmas for the ability to defend by then as they won't just rip us a new one, they will measure up, send us a quote and have it installed professionally unless we wake up at the back. Worried? It's the fever talking.

I've been in bed since last Saturday. No I'm not a student. I've had a lovely bout of flu. The cynical lady in the chemist told me it is swine flu but the Government don't want people to have swine flu as the country is depressed enough. So due to the recession I just have flu. Christ I thought I might die! This was no man flu. There is no cure. Drink lots and eat bacon (hair of the dog?) I watched the MancTwat away game and assumed the team were that lethargic through my eyes as my days were numbered but apparently they were that shit. All I remember from that game is the irony of the miners getting out early and of all the people in the ground who looked like they had been underground for 2 months it was David Beckham who has obviously decided not to wash his hair until we get awarded a world cup final.

I was really pleased for Sczezcezezczny. He looked confident and is tall enough to have Shrek's penalty covered. How we laughed when the grannie lover lover cocked that up but sadly it was still closer to going in to anything we tried. It was a poor show.

So on to today. A desperate search for someone to take son of Feverpitch to the game ended abruptly as a ton of snow fell in Islington in less than an hour. How could Ryan Shawcross be expected to time his perfect tackles in such conditions? Good to see the council doing their best to not run out of grit by not using any at all. The alternate twitter commentary was entertaining but told a story. 'Run Arshavin you lazy....', 'Row Z Clichy Row Z', 'Oh no that looks bad for RVP' were just a few telling tweets.

In other news we have signed ourselves an new player. Japanese wonder kid Ryo Miyaichi joins us in January and he has been described as a cross between Theirry Henry and Christiano Ronaldo. A magnificent cu^t then! Good luck fella (can you play in goal?)

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