Sunday, 4 March 2012

Arise Sir Chesney

There is nothing in the highway code about not playing a tune on your car horn while you're in the fast lane of a motorway is there? The punching of the air and the Arsenal air freshener hanging from the mirror would've alerted other road users that the 'der - der- derderder" was football induced.

My son and I made the executive decision to do a 150 mile round trip to Brackley to see the top of the table clash against Cambridge City in order for The Arsenal to win. We shunned Sky. Had we stayed at home things would've gone wrong. Mrs Pitch did her bit too by watching the other little Pitches in a swimming gala. After last week it seemed best to hold our breath and hope we kept some form for a change. Please build on the spud mashing.

There was a time where 90 minutes of coverage on the radio was a treat. We are now so used to being at the game or on the TV or finding a stream that the wireless seems second best. 90 minutes of Robbie Savage made me miss Jamie Redknapp! His only point was that going forward we are Champions League. At the back we are Championship. He was pleased with that and said it tirelessly. We were, however, being ripped to bits at the back. It wasn't easy listening. As the shots reigned in the commentators voice rose and we were split second tense. Relying on others to break the news leaves you helpless.

Penalty! The radio said definitely & Szczesny was lucky not to see red (later they did say it was a dive!) We held our breath at 70mph. SAVED! SAVED AGAIN! That's worth a toot of the horn. Lady Luck and Sir Brilliance were with us. Yet they looked away as Kos went all newly born giraffe on us as he showed the people laughably called 'Liverpool strikers' the way. It was cruel. A slap of the steering wheel. Damn.

But this is the new comeback Arsenal. Kos obviously saw that Liverpool wouldn't score so did it for them so we could complete another victory from behind. We came to life. Sagna cross. RVP. 1-1. Liverpool stunned. The first half sounded all one way with Sir Chesney diving this way and that to keep them out. He used his head twice and relied on the post more than once (that's what it's for!)

The second half seemed like more of the same. We stopped at Oxford services for an overpriced something in a limp roll and and bag of inadequate chips (just like being at the game) hoping to return to the car 4-1 up. We'd missed nothing apart from more scouse attacks. "They look Championship at the back." WE KNOW! You've mentioned it before!!

1-1 was no good. I want to make the dirty spuds panic. The best team they've had in 40 years and we are right there with them if we win. 8 minutes of injury time. We can do this but we probably need a shot if we are going to. And then it happened. We heard "Song, floats a ball towards..... VAN PERSIE WINS IT FOR ARSENAL and with it Liverpool's Champions League dream dies!!' The one note of the horn sounded like a symphony as other road users were alerted to the fact that the red (of course) car passing you has happy Gooners in it. We'd nicked it from the bin dippers. Perfection.

The 4-2 defeat at Brackley and the long drive was the pay off for the win. Had we stayed to watch the game the penalty would've gone in. The posts would've scored. Song's pass would've gone out for a goal kick. We made that sacrifice. You are most welcome!

So it wasn't until later that we got to see the goals. The radio really didn't do the winner justice. It was a peach. Magnificent. One of his best ever. The perfect volley. Alan Green was more interested in Liverpool's demise than the sheer genius of our man. You'll be hard pushed to see a better finish all season and the commentator somehow missed it. It was made all the better as it made that utter mug in the Liverpool goal look like an idiot. It flew past him at the near post as he sunk to his knees. Joyous.

We are seeing what we'd all suspected would happen if Robin stayed fit. He's a world class striker who can score every type of goal from anywhere. What happens with him will define our club for years to come. They must move heaven and earth to keep him and that doesn't mean throwing money at him. We must get some players in to match his quality. We need to prove to him that we will do everything to get him some medals. He has money. More than he needs probably but he doesn't have any cups raised above his head. He won't be going up any steps to lift 3rd or 4th place up in the air. That's what he's missing and the club need to match his talent if we want him to stay.

Onwards to Milan. Impossible? After this week? Dare to dream!

Up the Gunners.

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