Sunday, 25 March 2012

He Scores When He Wants.....

......Kieron Gibbs He Scores When He Wants.....

Well that win couldn't have been more comfortable if it had been tucked up in bed with it's favourite socks on and a nice cup of hot chocolate. No hanging on to a 1-0. No last minute winners. No coming from behind. 3-0, thank you very much.

The day started well as the chavs and the spuds decided not to beat each other giving us the perfect opportunity to capitalise. In the past we wouldn't but no more. This is the new improved Arsenal. Worry not. As my son and I strolled across the Arsenal bridge discussing how this game maybe a little frustrating if we don't open them up early some Villa fans piped up, "We're Aston Villa, We've come for a draw!" Our hearts sank as their fans confirmed their quite obvious game plan. This could be a long afternoon. How wrong can you (and the away fans be)?

As we took our seats all talk was of Kos being excused from games with Djourou standing in. If it were a kit issue we were all for Kos doing it in his vest and pants rather than have JD's worried looks at the back. Perspective returned as the North Bank unveiled a banner with Muamba in Arsenal yellow. A standing ovation while thoughtful glances were shared with strangers. Arsenal appeared and things would be OK whatever happens.

Before we knew it we were 2-0 ahead. The first half was a joy filled with confidence, pace and options. Google 'rip a new one' and you will be shown that first half. The team, to a man, were magnificent. Even JD played well especially after head butting Heskey's elbow and ending up in a heap for a bit. That must've been what happened or it would've been a red and Emile wouldn't do such a thing surely? He's English after all! Villa were shit with 11. Imagine what would've happened it Heskey had were ahead of me there weren't you?

I can't remember the last time I clapped so much. Every move, pass, cross field ball, shot, corner or tackle received a ripple of appreciation. We were demolishing Villa down both sides and the middle. They had no answer and we had goals to show for it. It's churlish to pick out individuals but a few things stick in the mind. Gervinho battling past about 5 villa players just refusing to give the ball up. The massive pass from TV to Theo who controlled it like it was magnetically attracted to his boot. Gibbs broke into the box, looked up and didn't know what to do as half the team were in spaces calling for the ball! Too many options! Both goals were lovely moves ending in confident shots. The ground was on it's feet at half time. That truly was The Arsenal.

The second half was a slower affair but if Villa weren't going to try why should we? To be honest they tried a bit harder but we still murdered them in second gear. As the usuals settled for 2-0 and started to leave we got a free kick. Arteta stepped up and hit an absolute thunder bolt past Given. Thank Bergkamp for the net North Bank as that was heading your way. The perfect end to a thoroughly fantastic display as Son of Fever Pitch displayed his shirt with pride after a celebratory chest bump with dad!

The smiles are back and so are The Arsenal.

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