Tuesday, 13 March 2012

From Behind!

Hats off. If you're not wearing a hat, get a hat, put it on and take it off. The Arsenal, the very team that has exasperated us along this nonsensical bumpy season, have found some desire, fight and a terrific never say die attitude.

Throughout the day I wavered between confidence and worry. Despite this run of form I still thought we'd win but might lose 3-0! This season, if not years, has chipped away at our belief. We can beat anyone. We can lose to them too.

Last night's anticipation was high. We're in some right good form and to pull a point behind those smug bastards from up the road was a prize. For so long it looked as if there would be no St Totts day this season but once again it's on. It's not a trophy. No need to book an open top bus but, let's face it, it's all we've got. It's pride and it's important. 3rd, after our start and various cock ups, would be astonishing.

The game went this way and that. We had the better of it so of course they scored. Yet something has happened of late. Despite the deficit the crowd cheered. We clapped. We roared. We won't take this lying down anymore. The team thanked us within seconds with a cracking equaliser from RVP although it was a lovely team move ended with a flourish from the man.

Newcastle, having led for 50 seconds, seemed to settle for a 1-1 as soon as Robin had rippled the net. Krul started taking an age at every goal kick much to the annoyance of nearly everyone. Do you remember at school when there was a game going on in the playground & there was always one dick who mucked about and ruined the game? Krul was that dick and RVP was the bigger boy who just wanted to play. In the playground Krul would've ended up in the medical hut holding ice on his eye. My son turned to me and suggested we should win this in the last minute to really make the keeper look stupid. Why didn't I put a cheeky quid on it?!

I sat in the Clock End sucking on a locket due to a charming man cold worried we weren't going to capitalise on the Spuds determination to finish below us again. Attacks either fizzled out or led to elongated goal kicks. A cheer lifted as 5 minutes were held aloft. None of us had given up. A real change from a few weeks ago. But they were attacking. Suddenly we swept up the pitch. This was to be our final fling. The box flooded in red.
Walcott, who'd looked lively all night, swung it in. A bounce on and it fell, in what seemed like slow motion, to a marauding centre half. TA would've been there. TV was there. A pile of Arsenal complimented by scarves held aloft. The gap is down to a crack. 11 on the twitcher scale from up the road. However, a word of warning - never ever ever ever google image search 'choking cockerel' to illustrate a collapsing spuds!

The bigger boy got his reward & had the opportunity to say to Krul what we were all thinking. Time waste now you ......... Justice, indeed almost poetic. Forward? 'From Behind' more like.

This is much more fun. Up the Gunners.

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