Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sh*tting Kittens

Well that was a splendid night's football. Not so long ago we were 10 points behind and 2-0 down to our undesirable neighbours. That was fair enough as the spuds clearly have the best team they've had for over 40 years. Of course they'll leave us standing. Today? Well their best team in a generation or two sit a point behind us. 'arry's twitching like an evacuating dog as the gap turned into a crack before healing up entirely.

Tonight's game was followed on a variety of modern devices. The iPad had a running text commentary while the phone was Arseblog live blogging & twittering while the TV played 'The bridge on the River Kwai' to calm the nerves!

We scored the early goal and from the 8th minute onwards we felt like we were holding on. There were periods when we destroyed them but we've seen enough of this side to know we can cock up at any minute. By all accounts the back four were fantastic. Four blokes playing in their best positions play very well. Who knew? Our nerves were wracked. Our buttocks were clenched. We hid behind sofas & under kitchen tables. We follow football and put ourselves through this by choice & consider people who have no interest in it as the weird ones!

News filtered in that the spuds were losing then drawing. The Chavs went ahead but just weren't rich enough to hold on while Liverpool hilariously collapsed. Things were going our way and the boys heroically held on for another hard earned victory. Twitter lit up. Mind the gap!

Now, it might sound a little sad to be jumping up and down at finally being 3rd and for a club who should be pushing 1st every year it might be but it's important for two reasons. Firstly, after the summer, the start & the utterly awful results we've scattered around this season, 3rd is an absolute miracle. They've worked hard and are reaping the rewards. They are proving the doubters wrong. Wenger IN!

Secondly, we don't finish below them. It doesn't happen. It's not the natural order of things. They've had their fun. Enough is enough. Mind that gap lads.

Up The Gunners.

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