Thursday, 20 January 2011

Elland Back & It Was Nice

I wasn't going to write a blog today. I just couldn't be bothered so I thought I just copy out some stories from The Current Bun. Who doesn't like getting the opinion on issues of the day from a topless woman? Debbie, 22, from Aldershot thinks The Arsenal might have finally found some form. 'I was impressed with their penetration' she giggled. That with 'exclusives about the latest man in Jordan's life and pictures of cats looking like Hitler should keep you happy. But you know what, that just wouldn't be right. I'd better do some work of my own.

I hope Debbie, 22, from Aldershot is right though. I hope these last two results lead to a run of form. The win at W'ham was great but they were awful. I was concerned we would do that thing we do and lose after a nice victory but we came through against a team much better than W'Ham. There were understandable changes but that can break the momentum. The big guns waited on the bench in case. I texted @eastlower at 8pm asking him if we would win. He said we would know after 5 minutes. A wise man that Eastlower. Nasri lifted the doubts as he twinkle toed his way past the White Wall to break ITV's hearts. You could almost hear the crackle in the commentators voice at it dawned on him that an upset was unlikely. On HD you could hear Andy Townsend crying.

ITV are second only to ESPN in the shit league. ESPN were actually sitting around a table by the corner flag, outside, at Man Shitty on Tuesday. At least Leeds gave err....Adrian......ummm......err.....checks notes.....ummm...Chiles a room to sit in. Shame they let the cameras in. The commentary is no better. At one point they said Leeds hadn't played at Elland Road since 2004! No wonder their fans didn't know what the seats were for. I was impressed by Leeds, or the White Machine as ITV renamed them, and I hope they do come up. We always win there!

The bottom line is that the team were impressive. We missed a couple of 'sliding in' chances that would've led to a breakdown for Townsend and ITV going off the air. My son turned to me and said, 'I'd love to tell you what I think of Bendtner but Mum is in the room!' He isn't keen on our Nick despite him putting in a shift. It ranged from rubbish (a great tackle near our corner flag which he promptly gave straight back to the tackled to set up a dangerous chance) to the magnificent (his cross for RVP's goal was a delight.) Really, AA was the only disappointment again but he did work harder than I've seen for a while. Lucky the game was on ITV as his second half shot knocked the Sky satellite out of line.* I hope he stays and finds his early form again as a sparkly Arshavin is a treat. Very pleased about the cracker from Bacary. He deserves every goal he gets, great player.

The defence looked solid despite poor defending for the soft Leeds equaliser!!! We do need a new central stopper as we are light. Big V is out for a while now, Squally is injured and not that good so we can't rely on Kos and Djourou to play every 4 days. Please Arsene get a body in. Stop gap or long term we don't care but we are short.

Right on to Wigan, Another win would start to convince me we have hit some form at the right time. We have a big week of home games coming up. The quadruple is on but you don't care about that. You just want a cat that looks like a dictator picture and who can blame you.

*#78 of 101 ways to describe the shooting of Arshavin vs Leeds Utd
Cat from as you can clearly see. I hope they don't mind! Not my cat. He looks like Charlie Chaplin so it wouldn't have worked at all.

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