Sunday, 2 January 2011

Stamp Collecting in the Midlands

I like The Arsenal's New Year Resolutions. It's a time for change, out with the bad, a new start. Yesterdays performance was lovely. Lots of the things we are good at with only a little of what is bad. In many ways it was a better win than the thrashing of the chavs. It was the kind of game we are good at losing. The chavs lost there, ManUre drew and we won.

It's so pleasing when we beat a team like Birmingham. They are thugs. They know they can't play us at football so their only plan is to kick and stamp their way through the match. The studs up assault on Cesc was appalling. Martin Taylor all over again. Cesc was lucky. What made it worse was the gormless twat Johnson couldn't understand what he had done. It was delicious karma that meant gormless scored our third goal for us. What is it with Birmingham and collecting talentless morons?

Our first goal was delightful too. Birmingham spent the afternoon fouling us so it was ironic we scored from a free kick that wasn't a foul. RVP dived, took the free kick, it hit Bowyer (another scumbag who's only ability is to stamp his way around the pitch) and deflected it into his own net. Ha Ha Ha. They say things even themselves out. Well N'twat dived to get Wigan a penalty against us. RVP redressed the balance.

We created chance after chance before Cesc passed to Nasri who placed it beautifully. Na Na Na Na Na Na Nasri. Give that man a golden snood.

So 7 points out of 9 isn't bad. Let's make it 10 out of 12 with a win over chavscum (north) on Wednesday. They have joined my hate list. Shit team whose success is only due to rich owners. That's the way the game is going. Hate list will only get bigger. Let's put them in their place like we did with chavscum (south) last week. If we are serious about this title we need a run. It's already started.

I'm off to meet the man from Eastlower today for the swapping of crap Christmas presents and I'm not sure what we will moan about as the Reds seem to be Rip Roaring. Set piece defending maybe? Injuries? Even Fabianski has let us down by looking like a goalkeeper now. Oh well, there is always the weather.

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