Monday, 10 January 2011

An FA Cup view from the Loo*

You have one job to do once or maybe twice a week. People look forward to seeing you. Everyday you focus on performing well and entertaining the crowd and you let us down like that. It's a big day, you're centre stage and you just don't turn up. Where the hell was Gunnersaurus at half time.

You just thought to yourself, "like most of the team" didn't you? Shame on you! However, I'd agree with you and your negativity! I was worried Arsene might underestimate dirty Leeds but his team, as ITV put it, included 10 full internationals and Denilson.

We just never got going despite being far better than dirty Leeds. Constant, but understandable, changes bring disjointed performances that you hope you can get away with. We just, but only just, got away with it.

The second half started with the usual concern over missed chances and then our only non international looked more non league with a daft leg stretch in the box. 1-0 down at home again. Well done to Sanchez Watt for standing quietly as his team mates went delirious. A classy moment from the on loan Gooner who looked pretty good to me.

The dirty Leeds fans were in full voice all afternoon. Derogatory songs about ITV were the highlight but I also enjoyed the relentless chant of "Yorkshire Yorkshire!" I tried to get a similar proud chant of "The South East" going but I am obviously the only one that loves my county.

I must admit I'd given up. Too many players were awful. Bendtner, who my son really doesn't rate, was dreadful. I'm sure he's world class but maybe only in his own head. Had we been playing in his head he may have got that routine left foot volley near to the goal rather than pathetically wide. Arshavin only livened up after he realised he had to play the full 90. Trying to run off every time the subs board lights up does not look good.

And onto Eboue. Gunnersaurus' mystery disappearing act only fueled the rumour that it is our number 27 in that costume. Maybe he would cross the ball better wearing a dinosaur costume. His crossing was so poor he'd get the sack from a hot bun factory in the run up to Easter. I know he's become a right cult but is he really good enough? I think you need more than being a nice bloke to warrant a first team place. When you do get a start, and this applies to nearly all of them on Saturday, you need to perform. Only Schezzer, Djourou, Theo and Cesc came away with any credit.

The ref had a strange end to the game. He awarded us a spot kick for a foul on Theo then changed his mind as Bendtner was offside after the foul. Very odd and wrong. Theo then admitted he dived which is honourable but slightly stupid. He might get hung, drawn and quartered in the replay and get booked for play acting. Compare Theo's 'dive' to Man of the match Berbatov's. Now that was a dive and it won the game and he didn't apologise. MancSpudScum! If Arsene only makes on signing this window let's hope it's a ref. Man U have one, why can't we? The one we got was a foul and the Captain didn't disappoint. We scraped a draw at home with a championship team. Woooooo!

So Arsene wanted anything but a replay and got a replay. Another game for the manager to tinker with. At least the next cup game should be easy enough. The chavs softened up Ipswich so a team including me in defence with Squillaci should gain a handsome victory resulting in fun and games in the second leg. We've got one hand on that Milk Cup. Reorder the silver polish Arsene.

*written on a mobile phone while hiding in the lav at work.

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