Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wham Bang Thanks Wigan

Thank goodness RVP got his hatrick or I wouldn't have slept soundly. It's not a strange urge of mine to fill Robin's house with match balls but the guilty feeling that I was responsible for the worst penalty miss since Euro 98 or Italia 90. I thought I'd be clever and give the Twitterverse an insight into the atmosphere at The New Highbury when a goal is scored and a hatrick is completed. Everyone around me saw what I was doing and warned me he would miss it if I tried to record it. It was like standing on your chair at 1-0 up with 2 minutes left and shouting, 'Nothing can go wrong now!' Sorry Robin, sorry.

The game itself was a stroll in the park with a stop off for an ice cream. On a scale of 1 to 10 Wigan are shit. How did we drop points up there? The people of Wigan don't even want to watch Wigan as up to 100 fans filled the away section.
We battered them for 87 minutes only allowing them 3 minutes after half time to attack a bit. RVP's first goal was super, the second Bergkampesque and the third a rasper. That boy certainly can hit a ball. Penalties are just too easy! RVP scored more goals than Szezzer had touches! Another hatrick was achieved as it was the third successive game where the team played well collectively. It would be hard to pick out an outstanding individual as all jobs were done effectively and problem free. RVP will get the headlines and rightly so but this was a team performance to be proud of. I do believe we have found the form we so desperately need.

I still feel we need another body at the back to cover injuries and tiredness. Djourou, at one point, looked to be in pain as he held his shoulder and that would have left just the one. Thank Cesc he was OK but we are light there and it would be neglect to ignore it. It would worse than neglect if that body belonged to Woodgate! A daft story which make me feel as sick as when I heard the news report 'arry had had his trousers tugged. Mugged?! Now he knows how Birmingham will feel after a couple of weeks of Bentley.

Good to see Beckham's son wearing a superior scarf at the game yesterday. Romeo's dad said be a tottenham fan and he obviously replied, 'F.............. Well you know the rest. Interesting David didn't see fit to support the team that loves him so much away at Newcastle. Maybe he doesn't give a shit about spuds and their walletless manager. That would break Sky Sports News' hearts if that were true.

Right, the tractor boys next with our first Wembley final since 1998 only 90 minutes away. We need to score twice which is possible if the new efficient, professional, no nonsense Arsenal turn up. If the useless, flighty buggers play then we could be in for a right stressful night. NO! We are on form. Don't let us down. It's about time she wore that yellow ribbon again.

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