Sunday, 16 January 2011

Unexpected Fresh Bed Linen

Things seem a little better in the world when your team win. Football is an escape from all the crap that's all around us. It's a separate entity because if it wasn't it wouldn't matter. Whatever is going on around you it can cheer you up or get you down. It's in your soul. It affects us as one. It's a crucial whimsy!

So Gooners worldwide are at their happiest this year. We hammered W'ham as we should. It went to plan. It's what was expected and,this season, the expected happening is quite unexpected.

W'ham were poor. Much worse than the team that pushed us to the limit at our place. They look as doomed as Avram's face. He's in desperate need of a massage. Wonder if he knows anywhere good. The Krays wouldn't have stood for it. Their fans have had this all season and some could only face it by sleeping through it. Wake up! It's not a nightmare. It's real and you lot will have a lot of nice new teams to play next year. Maybe by then Wayne Bridge will be match fit. It was almost cruel playing him against Theo. As Theo scored the second goal Chris Waddle* said, "what was Bridge thinking there" and as the nation, as one, we replied, "Where is John Terry while I'm here."

Not being a reader of red tops or Heat I didn't know Wayne had moved onto a member of the Saturdays (a popular singing group of attractive young things I've been informed. A modern day Spice Girls if you will.) Twitter was alight with "John Terry only plays on Saturdays" gags. Twitter is an unforgiving, unforgetting marvel.

So welcome back my Arsenal. Goals scored with none in reply. A clean sheet is a thing to celebrate. There's an open top bus parade this morning at 11am from the stadium to the town hall where Schezzy will be holding aloft freshly washed bed linen in a literal tribute. He is rapidly becoming my keeper of choice. Of all the many keepers we've had this season he's the one who gives me the willies the least. (
When Djourou set up a chance for W'ham Shezzer was big and made a crucial save at 1-0. I'd stick with our future now.

Last season we drew this after winning 2-0 at half time. We were all thinking it and it was heartening to hear that Cesc had remembered too and warned the team to not repeat it. It would've been a collapse on a spuds scale for W'ham to get back into it but Cesc clenched his fist (see below) and that's all you ask sometimes.

Onwards to the replay. I'm positive but this team's form is as up and down as John Terry on a team mates wife so I'm not complacent about Leeds and I hope the team aren't either. A great win against shit doesn't mean a midweek win is assured. Leeds are probably a better team than W'ham and we need to be careful. We've had so many false dawns. Calm us down boys, find some form, expect the expected. Enoughs enough.

*How is that man allowed to speak in public. Compared to his commentary 'diamond lights' was a career highlight.

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