Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Milk Cup Finalists 2011

Dust down that yellow ribbon and give it to the nearest female lineslady. Once more the women of the land will be adorning yellow ribbons. When we ask them why they are wearing yellow ribbons we know the reply.

So we are in the league cup final. 90 minutes away from getting that King Kong sized monkey off our backs. It might be 'only' the league cup but there are only 4 things to win and to get one of them is an achievement. The 1987 win over Liverpool was a victory that young team needed to set them on their way to Anfield '89. No sodding about in the final. Play the strongest team and win us a pot.

Last night was a odd game. The atmosphere didn't quite suit a semifinal. The team, despite playing well, lacked urgency in the first half. I must admit, having not scored against Ipswich for 135 minutes, I was slightly anxious about getting 2 in 45. When the breakthrough came it was delightful. As NB collected a marvellous ball my son said, 'Oh no, not him, he never scores!' Quicker than a Rooney dive, the ball nestled in the corner after curling past Fulop. A cracker from the waxed wonder. It was followed by a proper old school, headed goal from a corner from Kos. Captain Cesc showed great leadership (!) by putting the game beyond doubt and extra time so Charlie Brooker's new show wouldn't be bumped. A good night all round. All credit to Ipswich who led this tie for a lot longer than we did. In fact, Leeds and Ipswich have given us more trouble than most of the crap in the Premier League. That Championship toughens you up.

So the scramble for final tickets is on. It will be so nice to go to Wembley and not go to Ikea. The beauty of Highbury was that season ticket holders were guaranteed a cup final ticket. 30,803 into 44,000 doesn't go but fingers crossed. I've not seen the pitch at the new Wembley yet. I went to the semi where Arsene got the team so wrong but was carted off in an ambulance before I reached my seat. Don't ask!! It was not a 'lucky' medical emergency as we lost. In fact, The Arsenal have never won at the new Wembley when I've been in an ambulance so I'll do my utmost to avoid it. Lucky pants are a better option.

The man from East Lower tweeted last night that he was sure I'm planning a final mix tape already. Well, he's right. I love a crap football song and would make pause button tapes in the late 80s. This led to mix tapes and then CDs especially for those annual journeys to Cardiff. My mixer, tape, CD and record decks have gone but I'll do a rushed laptop job I'm sure. Apparently I must soundcloud it or something. I'll podcloudcast it up my dropbox if I can work out what any of this means! If not I'll put it on A TDK D-90 and post it through Eastlower's door with a yellow ribbon for Mrs Eastlower.

Any requests?

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